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Do you like the new Google font update?

Posted 5 years ago.


  • Stijn Hommes - 4 years ago

    All changes should be optional, but unfortunately Google hasn't learnt that lesson yet. They did the same with Chrome by going from 9 icons and a recent bookmark bar to 8 icons and no bar. They ruined the usability of the newpage tab and now they're doing the same to Youtube. I hope they're not planning any more takeovers...Any more crap changes and I'll be forced to look for an alternative that avoids Microsoft and Google....

  • Albert - 5 years ago

    Who in the fuck! had this idea! yahoo is starting to look real good ! what the fuck is wrong with google!someone had nothing better to do ! some white collageass hole isn't looking at it on our side of this!Look assholes ! if your trying to make us use yahoo? well thiswill make alot of change!Its FUCKED! IT SUCKS! GO BACK TO THE IT WAS ! AND FIRETHE ASSHOLE! WHO THOUGHT OF IT! AND ALSO FIRE ANYONEWHO BACKED HIM OR UP! YOU PEOPLE HAVE LOST IT!

  • Kindness - 5 years ago

    This change is just to match the Bing search field sizing. The difference being that Bing/Microsoft designed their site around this size. This is a hack Google, and the end result favours your inflated egos over your increasingly trapped users.

  • kustra - 5 years ago

    I don't like the new font, keep the old one

  • StannieDum - 5 years ago

    If the reason for this change really is to cater for the visually impaired, then this decision by Google is even more illogical than I originally thought, as it forces a change on everybody, in order to aid an unfortunate minority. Yes, people with sight problems need help, but because the vast majority of people have no such disability, the change really must be an optional one and not mandatory.A poor decision, Google. Please correct it by making the font size customisable!

  • denise - 5 years ago

    horrible. ugly. intrusive.

  • Ted - 5 years ago

    worst debacle since new coke - everyone head over to BING

  • dexter1976 - 5 years ago

    ive just moved to some other search engine thanks google you made me move haha fooooollllls..x

  • Cowicide - 5 years ago

    The new font size should be OPTIONAL. This makes me think Google is getting too big for it's britches and should be regulated by the Govt.TOO MUCH POWER to affect too many people all at once and force things down our throats. This unwanted change forced down our throats makes me very wary of what's to come down the road.

  • Pascal - 5 years ago

    It would be great to revert to the old font. I hate webpages with bigger font size for no reasons.

  • Steen - 5 years ago

    New font looks like shit. People who cant see can use the zoom function instead.

  • AJ - 5 years ago

    New font size is nasty yucky change it back Google dorks!

  • david - 5 years ago

    please keep the pervious fonts .big fonts are making people headach

  • GeeJay - 5 years ago

    If a BIG FONT is what some users want, make it OPTIONAL!

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