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Would you be in favor of the Magic signing Shaq as a backup center?

Posted 3 years ago.


  • ruben - 3 years ago

    I think is really stupid to bring that old broken shaq Plus I LOVE HOWARD I DON'T WANT TO SEE MY D12 NEXT THE STUPID THE ONE TIME LEAVE US TO GO TO L.A. WHEN WE NEED HIM MORE F.U. SHAQ.......

  • robertohenry - 3 years ago

    NO WAY, First he is done and second I would not want him around Howard

  • Brad - 3 years ago

    I say trade Mike Bianchi for Mitch Albom. Wait, Detroit is desperate but wouldn't go for this lopsided trade for all the money in Tiger Wood's Savings account.

  • Jowe - 3 years ago

    Definitively agree @shane, D12 hates this stupid paper...I think you've been paid to make D12 leave as you did to Shaq

  • shane - 3 years ago

    this is why dwight hates your paper.

  • Jay - 3 years ago

    For the vet's minimum, of course. You'd be insane not to take that.

  • nittany - 3 years ago

    Shaq would influence Dwight to go to L.A.

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