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Ban all smoking on all school property?

Posted 3 years ago.


  • teacher@heart - 3 years ago

    Great decision. How can teachers be a role model - if they are smoking and the students are being disciplined and possible suspended. Can you say "double standard". No one if forced to work at the school - so make a choice: your job or your smoke!

  • sb - 3 years ago

    I congratulate the School Board for making the right decision. This is a place of education and education comes in all forms. Good role models need to be present as much as possible for our youth to succeed. It is not too much to ask to have people who are killing themselves slowly with tobacco do it in private and not around the youth.

  • Ct - 3 years ago

    I agree with db804. It should have been done years ago. No one should have to smell smoke at meetings with coworkers and especially not the students. It's not just secondhand smoke- smokers reek of smoke afterwards and that triggers asthma attacks in kids and adults. The board made the right decision! If you want to make yourself sick and kill yourself, don't do it around others. Save it for home.

  • ComeOn - 3 years ago

    How can we discourage kids from becoming obese when there are fat people walking/wheeling around? Let's ban fat people from public places too. Let's ban inappropriate language, and while we're at it, let's ban rudeness as well. You're your kids role model, not some random person standing against smoker's wall.

  • ComeOn - 3 years ago

    I am not a smoker, never been a smoker, and think it's disgusting. That being said, this is ridiculous. If they want to smoke, I agree with rules keeping them a distance away from entrances to buildings that cannot be avoided, or limiting the designated smoking areas. But to ostracize these people just because it is now taboo to smoke is ridiculous. I am so sick of government intruding into the lives of someone under the guise of promoting health. How much do we really want to be regulated, just because it's good for us. Let's start requiring that all citizens eat 2,000 calories daily and go to bed by 10pm. These people are not hurting anybody but themselves. And don't give me the secondhand smoke argument; smokers are already relegated to a few defined areas that you don't have to go to if you don't want to.

  • db804 - 3 years ago

    15 years ago I worked for a company that did not allow smoking on their property, not even in your own vehicle in the parking lot. It was a great place to work and they were very good to their employees. I did not hear one complaint. Now many companies have rules about smoking, entire cities have rules regarding smoking in public places. I honestly thought the rule was already there about smoking on school property. How can we discourage kids from smoking when they can watch people doing it right in front of them on school property. If the smoker is that addicted that they can't some nicotine gum!!! Or get a different job!!

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