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Did Marco Rubio lie about being the son of Cuban exiles?

Posted 3 years ago.


  • Campbell - 2 years ago

    He lied by using the so called exile stradgy to get a senator's job. He fits right in with the rest of our politician.

  • JoseG - 3 years ago

    "trade-fiftynine" stated it very well, so I have nothing else to say on that. I am amused by 'Natty Bumpo's comments. Natty don't stop taking your medication, your ranting does not address the question and the facts in discussion; and by the way it's the First and not the Second amendment that grants us freedom of speech and assembly. You are an excellent example of what is wrong with this country, keep up the good work.

  • Natty Bumpo - 3 years ago

    "trade--fiftynine",your fellow posters are fortunate that the second amendment grants you a forum to speak your opinion,and prejudices,and for us, its an opportunity to reject those ideas based on their lack of merrit. I encourage you to take your rightfull place amongst the "occupy wallstreeters",but a word of caution,if your'e a woman ,its not a safe crowd to mingle with,and in any case, if you do decide to go,keep a tight hold on personal property. Yes, personal property is but another evil of capitalism , to be seized from the more able,for the benefit of the more needy,or in the present situation--- the strongest.

  • kj - 3 years ago

    give me a break... the liberals are at it again.. Marco Rubio is the star that scares them to death.... funny how they overlook the questionablel past of their own politicians.... who are they fooling? only themselves, I believe. If Marco continues on the path he is taking, we will see a wonderful political future for him.

  • trade-fiftynine - 3 years ago

    Marco Rubio has greatly benefitted from his story about his parents being exiled when Fidel Castro came to power in 1959. Of course he knew when his parents atrrived just as I everyone else know the date our parents moved from the South to the North , etc. Rubio was propelled by the Tea Party and has carried their banner since, critisizing President Obama unnessarily and pretemding to be (after 9 months in the U S Senate) a foriegn policy expert. Rubio was blessed with good looks, better than average oratory skills, and a "good story" which turns out to be just a plain old common story. For his supporters to say his mix-up on the dates of his parent's arrival is of no consequence- is like, in effect, saying Castro took over Cuba in 1956. So the real issue is would Rubio been able to craft his "son of Cuban exiles image " and current level of support without the lapse of memory. Finally, his statements about not being interested in th Republican nomination for Vice President ring hollow given his incessant hyperbolic foriegn policy criticisms of President Obama. For 50 years the U.S. have failed to give adequate consideration to normalizing relationships with Cuba even after we have done so with Russia and China - this has been primarily due to the influence of rich Cubans in Southern Florida-their hatred of Castro is not so much due to the lack of freedom for the have nots but the taking of proprerty of the haves; whose influence greatly exceed their numbers.

  • cienfuegos - 3 years ago

    Of course Rubio lied. Of course he knew the correct dates -- he's not stupid. He lied because he thought it would help him, and it did. I don't care when his parents arrived. But I'm so tired of lying politicians. He's a hypocrite too -- he wants to apply the full weight of the law against everyone else, especially the weak, but it's okay for him to lie.

  • The Truth Hurts - 3 years ago

    Why would anyone expect anything truthful to come out of this phony's mouth?

  • Reality - 3 years ago

    Rubio is a just another phony. He represents himself something he is NOT, because what he is he is also a lie . Truth is Rubio is an anchor baby with parents who for 15 years did not want to be AMERICAN'S . Some American . It's only unimportant to does with no ethics.

  • floridares - 3 years ago

    The truth matters. Rubio had the advantage of an English education and knows the diff between exile and immigrant. Those of us who live in Florida know Rubio has ethical problems anyway. He doesn't get my vote. Lie like a champ.

  • Miriam - 3 years ago

    Marco Rubio has always expressed humility and great pride as the son of exiles. Maybe the W-Post's writer, Manuel Roig-Franzia, a Spaniard, is one of those who sees Castro as a child-of-Spain and hero, and may be irked at the Rubio's family rejection of his idol. And, honestly, who cares when they arrived? Mr. Roig-Franzia wouldn't you like to spend more time cooking instead?

  • Anet - 3 years ago

    They ALWALYS miss the point!!!!

  • maggie - 3 years ago

    does this really matter? COME ON America there a few more important things than this.

  • Alicia - 3 years ago

    This really tops it! It is a shame that some people take the time to discredit a person that only represents a good true american.

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