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Is Herman Cain the victim of a high-tech lynching?

Posted 3 years ago.


  • Buckwheat Johnson - 3 years ago

    Hard to really say. But I do understand Cain's clumsiness in handling this. Any male
    would react this way. How can he ever be proven innocent or guilty in a matter like this: He said she said. Sad fact is that most will not judge if he is cleared, but on how he handled it.
    He's not a politician and doesn't have the learned ability to weave and dodge like most
    politicans. I loved me some Bill Clinton, but Cain needs to learn from the pro.
    I do believe their is some truth to the high tech lynching, but it is coming from within
    the gOP....can you say Rick Perry?

  • Sean - 3 years ago

    You are asking your readers to comment on something they have ZERO facts on. Are you fishing for fools?

  • Hope - 3 years ago

    I feel that all of this is for show, but the truth is there somewhere and he should have been the one to disclose his pass not the media or anyone else as far as that goes. Its a old true saying "whats done in the dark will surface to the light."

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