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Is White House practicing back door amnesty?

Posted 3 years ago.


  • reality - 3 years ago

    FL was settled by Spain, way before the English took over. Ever look at a map of the U.S before 1848? TX, AZ, NM, CA, CO, & NV, were all Spanish territory. Cortez brought horses with him to CO, I think. Robt. E. Lee was a soldier in the U.S army, who went into Mexican territory to pick a fight, with the new govt. that had finally won independence. We call them "illegal"? Our new CIA went into Guatemala in 1954, to do what they had done so successfully in Iran the year before-undo the people's choice for a leader, and put in a military dictator favorable to our businesses.
    A 30-year long civil war resulted, with brutal killings, and of course, destruction of the economy.
    So Guatemalans come here, because we were there, like everwhere else, Chile, Tuesday, Sept. 11, 1973, for example, interfering sneakily in their govt.

  • Ping!ponnng - 3 years ago

    You think so;the handbill stapling, communtity organizer in chief needs to replenish his shrinking voter base,so look for an executive order of instant citizenship being granted(I hope I'm kidding). Does anyone think the Quisling Repub mice would squeak disapproval?

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