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Should service members who burned the Qurans be disciplined?

Posted 2 years ago.


  • P lordi - 2 years ago

    There is no way we should punish our troops! Those 16 people who we just killed should not been protesting where they where! We are at war and need to defend our selves! If we kill a 1000 of them as long as our guys are not hurt I am fine with it! Look how they act! They act like animals and should be treated as so!

  • Francis - 2 years ago

    Let's get this straight. They put the stuff in the trash without realizing what it was so we should punish them for making a mistake. I agree with the above bloggers. Our young men and women have been dying over there for years protecting those people and those people could care less about our sons and daughters dying for them. I pity the parents of those young men and women who have suffered the deaths of their children for a country and people who have been fighting for 1000s of years and will be fighting for 1000s more after our soldiers are gone. What a damn shame. Let the government over there hold memorial services for our soldiers. Let them apologize when their citizens kill our citizens. Let them understand are young men and women are dying for them. A religion that preaches violence and death to non-muslims. Those damned books should all be burned to begin to rid the hate and violence that has plagued that religion for 1000s of years.

  • Floridaguy - 2 years ago

    Why should we punish OUR soldiers when OUR flag has been ripped, dragged in dirt, cut to pieces, burned, and GOD know what else by the same people who demand justice. They should stop being such huge hypocrites and practice what they so preach.

  • John - 2 years ago

    Screw those bastards! We should pull all of our soldiers out of that hellhole and turn it into a parking lot. I'm sick of hearing about what they want...Those rat bastards have killed numerous Americans and were supposed to apologize---F---THEM!

  • Sancy - 2 years ago

    Considering that the majority of Americans would be extremely offended & demand punishment if it was the bible that they burned, my answer is yes they should be punished. Put yourself in that country's place. This was a show of disrespect & hatred towards the people & the major religion of that country. The Quran is to Muslims what the Bible is to Christians and the Torah is to Jews. It is considered Holy! It doesn't matter if the soldiers try claim it was a form of free speech.... While they wear the uniform of our country they are expected to represent of the best of our country not the worst. America was founded on religious freedom. That means I respect your right to believe & worship the way you chose and you do the same for me. Their behavior made me feel ashamed that they were Americans.

  • noway - 2 years ago

    Joseph was right--give them a medal! And why would Obama lower our American principals & cater to those animals--RIDICULOUS--again--those people are ANIMALS.

  • Taylor - 2 years ago

    It even states that the afghans burning the trash didn't notice until the pages were lit. Will they be prosecuted for being the one who put them in the fire. I think not!

  • Ed - 2 years ago

    If solders were to burn a bible would there be an issue? Freedom of speech belongs to all us citizens.

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    They burn our flag and no one makes a big deal about it or retaliates by killing them.

  • Joseph - 2 years ago

    Give them a medal.

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