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Is Obama to blame for high gas prices?

Posted 2 years ago.


  • Enrique - 2 years ago

    When Obama was campaigning for President ,he promised to solve this gasoline problem but as President he has vetoed previous approved oil drilling permits; he refused to allow the construction of the Oil Duct from Canada to Texas, that not only provide a source of friendly oil but also many jobs; he does not allow the use of carbon mine for energy; neither the construction of new Nuclear plants; he did not follow up on the recommendation of the Busch administration to coordinate with Brazil on their sucessful solution of using the gashol from the sugar cane NOT FROM CORN. The disaster of the solar panel company, funded by the government ,which was on bankrupthy before producing the panel

  • Mike215 - 2 years ago

    Unfortunately, we have been fighting gas prices for over 30 years. The high price for oil and gas can be blamed on OPEC, the Wall Street speculators and the oil companies. OPEC has its quotas which force up the price of a barrel of oil from 50 cents in Iraq to over a hundred dollars today. The speculators take advantage of these prices to make big profits and the oil companies reap in billions in profits by buying cheap oil in the Middle East and selling it here.
    President Reagan destroyed OPEC and forced down the price of oil and gas. Clinton continued that program so for 20 years we had $1 a gallon gas. Bush allowed the price to go up because of his family connections with Saudi Arabia and Obama lovdes high prices because that is what his environmentalists friends are telling him.

  • RBC - 2 years ago

    HE could do both' open up new drilling and look for new green energy. Also to fasdf you are part of the problem in this country,it's not a black' white' problem.

  • barbicane - 2 years ago

    Ted is correct. Still, I feel all the oil speculators should receive long prison terms. That should help greatly.

  • Maria I. Youle - 2 years ago

    Definitely not!

  • carole - 2 years ago

    The rising of the price at the pump has alot to do with Wall Street Spectulators. What they do is adding about 56cents to a price of a gallon of gas. Go and read about it. A year ago they got after them and the gas started to drop, and now they are doing the same thing. This has happened under the last few presidents, so it is nothing new. Just another thing to blame on Obama!

  • Bill - 2 years ago

    Of course he is to blame. He closed all the lease options that Bush approved. Let's be honest and say oil production under Obama has increased but in reality federal production is down - which the liberal media refuses to address - and production on private land is up - again liberal media refuses to acknowledge. Also, his economic policies has lead to the decrease in the value of the dollar and oil is paid for with the dollar. Obama also is using the price of oil to force the people to accept his green energy policy which is a bust. Also states are responsible too for their special blends. Car emissions have increased over the past 40 years and still they insist on their blends. Just remember if your memory is short, when Obama was running for president he stated he wanted the price of oil to rise.

  • DT214 - 2 years ago

    Oil prices work on speculation. If Obama had approved the Keystone pipeline, oil prices would decrease...because oil speculators would believe thy gas prices would be lower in the future. Obama wants high gas prices and anyone who believes else is either in lock step with the socialists or a fool.

  • Ted - 2 years ago

    OPEC sets oil prices not the pres. U S does not even belong to opec

  • fasdf - 2 years ago

    white people would try to blame that on obama

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