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Should George Zimmerman be charged with killing Trayvon Martin?

Posted 2 years ago.


  • Proud white woman - 2 years ago

    Enough with the racism already!! I am married to a black man so I can say what I feel knowing I am not racist. This is not white on black crime, this is crime period. God forbid white people come out in droves over a black on white crime! If there is still racism in the world it is because if this kind of crap. Black people in general play the race card when it suits them. Hell, my own husband does it and he is the whitest black man you'll ever meet. I suggest the next time there is black on white crime we organize a rally, petition government for change, enlist celebrities to join the cause, and scream racism. See what happens then....

  • joe - 2 years ago

    I love how nobody gave a shit when the casey anthony case was going on and there was no justice served there but just because this kids black and nobody was arrested its a hate crime and now you want justice you people who are playing the race card make me sick!

  • whowhat - 2 years ago

    for you peoples that love zimmerman the black panther has put a bounty on his head for zimmerman safety you might want to encourage him to turn himself in to the cops in sanford that is if you love mr zimmerman as you claim you do

  • whowhat - 2 years ago

    mr zimmerman or any other murder will have to live with taking a life that they did nt give you people that are out there encouring these peoples to take someone life you are going to have to answer to god i would nt want to be in that situation it will weigh heavy on your conscious man will not be able to help you may god have mercy on your soul.

  • Sick of the Race card - 2 years ago

    Everyday, black males rob, kill and shoot white people. Example white store owner in Belle Glade who gave food for free to the blacks in the community and yet gets killed by black male. Did whites protest? Did the whites form the WAACP, Oh no that would be considered Racist to have and all white group in USA. Yet in this country I guess it's almost considered the norm when blacks kill whites. I am not condoning the killing of a unarmed black male, and it found guilty I think Zimmerman should get the chair but enough with the racial BS already. Look around this country there's good people and bad of every color.

    Now the new Black Panthers are protesting, this is a governement documented hate group, but no one mentions that.

  • Lisa Palmer - 2 years ago

    I am the mother of Michael Palmer who was shot and killed in 2007 by Gun happy Timothy Mctigue .Although this happened on Phil Foster Boat dock it is the same case scenerio, my son was shot in the side of head after argument with Stranger Timothy Mctigue who finds it necessary to carry a gun in his swimming trunks. Were's the lynch mob on this case? Oh I forgot Michael was 4inches shorter and 50lbs lighter and retreated from confrontation so Timothy according to Stand your Ground has the perfect right to be pissed off and take his anger of the world out on my son. It's also alright for a clear level head and the courage to do this killing to drink alittle. Whats the harm in that ? Wheres justice for me and my family who lost one of the most precious gifts in the world MY SON

  • Laura - 2 years ago

    I believe that if the police don't arrest him. He's going to wish they had! That man is basically walking around with a target around him!

  • Jimbo - 2 years ago

    Im sick & tired of all this racial BS. If a black man shot a white man or white youth nothing would have been said. But because a white man shot a black male all hell breaks lose. They have black collages, black history month..etc. Why is it that everytine I read the news, theres always a robbery, shooting or murder being committed by african americans.. Big suprise

  • Killtacular - 2 years ago

    YOu're damn right he should be charged. If cops aren't allowed to use racial profiling, then neither are fatass wanna-be Neighborhood watchdogs. I don't even think he was officially a member of the neighborhood watch. Just some shmuck with a gun and an itchy trigger finger. he should be charged. Most of the nation thinks so, and if the police department doesn't arrest him, he's gonna end up dead either way. The moment anyone sees him in the streets, he's going to be a big white/latino target, and he deserves to be either imprisoned or killed. PReferably killed. I'm sick of my tax money going to let these fuckers get 3 meals a day, electricity, water, and shelter.

  • Edward - 2 years ago

    What did you expect from a country that has been racist toward the black community since its conception? Did you really expect the police to worry about a dead black youth? The police force did everything in their power to help this murderer. If you want change, first you must stop these racists.

  • Taz - 2 years ago

    Stand Your Ground is not an excuse for anything. It allows for people to defend themselves. It does not allow you to provoke a fight then claim self defense. It does not keep the police from charging anyone when the circumstances are suspicious (i.e. the person shot is unarmed). Zimmerman should have been arrested and a thorough investigation done as soon as it was determined that Trayvon Martin was unarmed.

    Stand Your Ground legislation is not the cause of this. It is a good law that affirms your right to defend yourself.

    Zimmerman failed to follow police instructions. He provoked a confrontation. He shot an unarmed boy. The police apparently failed to do a proper investigation and let Zimmerman go. These are the causes of this situation.

  • richard - 2 years ago

    I belive that not only should Zimmerman be charge for the slaying of an unarm tennager with his skittles but the Police Chief should also be fired. The reason why we have a Zimmerman is because of this Racist law which has a strong similarity to Black codes we should motivate America to change these retard laws which enable an Racist Idiote like George Zimmerman to become Judge Jury and Excutioneer and hid behind a Racist police Department and a racist law

  • Angie - 2 years ago

    We have one judge and thats the good man above. However from the story being put out there seems like George Zimmerman should be charged if this is how the story is going. After he reported that a boy which was Treyvon looked suspicious and they told him not to follow Treyvon it should have been left aline right then and there now he has taken away someone child life. Im sure Zimmerman would feel the same way if it was a child of his and for it not to be an arrest known this man was guilty of what he did is sad.Thats a life that can never be bought back while he walking around on to the next. Thats something he got to live with the rest of his life May Treyvon mom and dad have inner peace within may God keep them with their right mind and may God be with the Zimmerman family

  • Casey - 2 years ago

    An innocent boy is dead. A family and a nation is mourning for this loss. The Sanford police department should be held responsible for their bogus investigation of this crime. The "stand your ground" law is an excuse for paranoid bullies to provoke and then kill under the guise of self defense. Shame on the Florida Legislature and all the good citizens of Florida who were duped into voting for it!

  • nancy - 2 years ago

    A boy lost his life due to the reckless and irresponsible act of an individual who made bad decisions. Zimmerman should be charged and held accountable for taking a life, his decision to carry a gun on a neighborhood watch was questionable. He blatantly disobeyed the good advice of the 911 operator, he should not have pursued the young man and certainly should not have used his weapon in such a hasty and reckless manner. He absolutely should be charged for taking the life of Treyvon. The blatantly bad law that has kept him from being charged needs to be changed.

  • Mike215 - 2 years ago

    Zimmerman is a idiot. He thought he could get away with this murder, but he forgot there is a Black man in the White House. He will be hounded until he is dead.

  • Mike215 - 2 years ago

    Zimmerman is a idiot. He thought he could get away with this murder, but he forgot there is a Black man in the White House. He will be hounded until he is dead.

  • Jd - 2 years ago

    Zimmermann was wrong for what he did. He assumed the worse of this young boy because of how he looked. He need to go to jail

  • Summer - 2 years ago

    That guy had no reason to be following him in the first place, and second why is this guy carrying a gun, he's neighbor hood watch not a cop!!! I don't think it's right and he should be charged with murder....

  • Michelle - 2 years ago

    Unbelievable!!! If it was a black man who shot a white teen. He would have been beat up like Rodney king and probably accidentally killed by a cop. Will this society ever wake up out of it's prejudicial state and be fair to a human being.

  • White male - 2 years ago

    What do you think

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