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Do Mitt Romney's high school pranks matter now?

Posted 2 years ago.


  • johno - 2 years ago

    How can it be relevant when we know nothing about the current President's school history? Where did he go to high school? He can't even provide a real birth certificate.

  • sahein - 2 years ago

    It matters because it shows his true character instead ot the one he wishes to present to us.

  • Bob - 2 years ago

    Romney's a punk! Nothings changed since high school

  • santos martinez - 2 years ago

    he's a rich pompous scumbag. a vote for him is a vote for corporate america who bullies working class america.

  • Jay - 2 years ago

    Romney's past HS pranks should carry no weight in a presidential election. It's quite ludicrous that it is even a story. We all did things back in HS we were not proud of or could have treated others better. The man has apologized so let's please move on to the problems plaguing America and fix those!!! Write a story on how to put people back to work and Washington frivolous spending.

  • Pedro - 2 years ago

    I think the Presidents admitted and excessive drug use during high school is more important. That behavior has resulted in clearly very unhealthy eating habits!

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