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Should UF, FSU be able to raise tuition more than 15 percent a year?

Posted 2 years ago.


  • melody - 2 years ago

    Story: I was visiting a friend in NYC and he happened to live
    in Washington Heights. We went to a great Indian Place
    where I loaded up on the Murg Tikka Masala.
    I had to hold in an explosion during our walk back to his
    place. I was not feeling well to begin with that day, and
    it certainly was hard for me to hold my fudge after the
    Indian dinner.
    I did not want to go up into this guy’s apartment and
    launch a colon blow in his bathroom, because it would have
    been loud and horrific, so I said I was going to get going
    and finish my drive home. I said goodbye and went
    But I could not hold it anymore – I looked for a bathroom
    and could not find one – I ducked into a stairwell where
    there was a ladder, and some painting equipment, including
    those orange 5 gallon “Homer Buckets” from Home Depot.
    I took a bucket which had some drying white paint in it. I
    squatted on the bucket, and let forth the worst spray of
    semi-solid fecal matter I had ever seen up to that point.
    I was proud of myself.
    I used a few painter’s towels to wipe, deposited them in
    the bucket on top of my poo, and walked outside, got in my
    car and traveled home.
    I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the
    painter came back to work that next morning

  • OBIWAN - 2 years ago

    This is Baramas fault

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