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Did you ever believe in this Hilfiger conspiracy theory?

Posted 2 years ago.


  • Sy - 6 months ago

    Understood Steven. However, i believe the question was "Did you ever believe..
    yes i did. i certainly believe the testimonys provided. The conspirators responsible are envious malicious and hatefull

  • steven - 6 months ago

    i met tommy in college,went i went to school at elmira college for 2 years. we hung out alot,as i met him thru a great friend at school that was 2 years older than me. this was before anyone knew him,and he was just a local guy that had a retail store,peoples place in elmira that i worked in. he is the farthest thing from racist,and you all have no reason,and no basis to think otherwise.i am jewish, he had blacks and asians working for him too,and i saw him treat everyone with great respect. i knew him,very,very,well. even oprah said what she said,and many of you,for no reason,voted to say you think he's racist.very ignorant basis for an opinion. we've kept in contact,and there's alot more i can say about him,but this is enough. i'm out. steven

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