Which presidential candidate standee would you vote to have standing at the doorway of your next party? (Poll Closed)

  • Barack Obama

  • Mitt Romney

Posted 2 years ago.


  • THE Donald Trump - 2 years ago

    Still need to see a birth certificate AND ten years of tax records. Bring 'em to the party!

  • melissa - 2 years ago


  • Kurt - 2 years ago

    Obama will win in the end, even leading in this poll. Then he can come to my party!

  • meissa - 2 years ago

    obama, for all american people, not just t rich, but all types!!!

  • Lana - 2 years ago

    Mitt is the man! He knows how to turn the economy around, get jobs, believes in and prays to God for guidance, believes in our country & the Constitution, cares about 100% of the people, and is honest.

  • Justin - 2 years ago

    All this voting and it comes down to a tie here, 50-50? Is this gonna happen on the real Election Day?

  • Becky - 2 years ago

    Obama!!!! Romney sucks big time

  • Rebecca - 2 years ago

    GO MITT!!! Voting for Mitt means what I think everyone likes is FREEDOM, the Constitution of the United States everything the USA stands for all these years!!!

  • Damon - 2 years ago


  • Kay - 2 years ago

    It looks like Romney is taking a bounce upward in this poll too!

  • Betty Horton - 2 years ago

    Romney's looking good!

  • Betty Horton - 2 years ago

    Romney is the man to vote for!

  • Luis - 2 years ago

    We need a "JackAss" so we can play pin the tail on the JackAss.

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