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Ogilvie Raceway Most Popular Driver (Poll Closed)

Results for this poll have been set to private.
Posted 1 year ago.


  • Spencer - 1 year ago

    Go Ryan bowers!!

  • steve bowers - 1 year ago

    At age 8 or so we took him to a go kart track. He was to short so I ran the gas and he drove. Was throwing sideways about the second lap!!! Daddy was so proud!!

  • Danielle - 1 year ago

    Go Clayton! You're awesome!

  • Derick - 1 year ago

    Way to go clayton ! you rock :)

  • Joel - 1 year ago

    Always love the sound of 14W firing up! Booya! Go Clayton!

  • brian - 1 year ago

    End over end, upside down it dont matter 199 all the way



  • Tami Jo - 1 year ago

    POGO!!!!!!Justin Pogones is not only a great driver on the track, but off the track he is a genuine and very helpful person. From car help, advice, and making his amazing CHICKEN- all around he's a great guy!!! Vote for Pogo!!*however, I love all 5 of these guys and will applaud whichever wins! They are all deserving!!!!*

  • Acapulco Mexican Restaurant New Brighton - 1 year ago

    Clayton we are truley greatful for YOU to represent Acapulco. You are a neat guy with undeniable talent and passion for the track. Good luck to you from all of us here at Acapulco!! See you soon.

  • Julie Perez Mata - 1 year ago

    Clayton your talent is apparent the second you get in your car! Your personality and love for the track even better! Keep it up and good luck!

  • Brian Oestreich - 1 year ago

    Go big bro!!!!!!!!

  • Zach - 1 year ago

    I've been goin racing & helping JB over the past few years and after watching what Clayton can do with his mod has encouraged me to want to join the sport someday when I'm out of college.

  • Cassie Hatella - 1 year ago

    Tourville for sure, you're not going to find a nicer guy on and off the track

  • Rob Morrison - 1 year ago

    Go Clayton #14 you rock

  • Lori Ryan - 1 year ago

    So devoted to racing! Love it!

  • brian - 1 year ago

    ryan bowers

  • Crystal - 1 year ago

    Keith! I've seen him race or over 7 years and he plays nothing but fair and respects other people/his fans. Best driver :)

  • Rebecca - 1 year ago


  • TJ - 1 year ago

    Clayton all the way. You have all your cousins behind you.

  • TJ - 1 year ago

    Clayton all the way. You have all your cousins behind you.

  • Cindy Kline - 1 year ago

    #199 is an agressive and very fair driver, he has come along way in the past couple of years, my vote is for my very favorite son-in-law!!! Like watching him & all of the rest race!!

  • Jeff Klopstein - 1 year ago

    Justin p is a ginger I voted for him because gingers do have souls! Lol love ya Jp see ya at chateau and dcs!

  • Shane G - 1 year ago

    Bowers a great racer, and even better mentor! Best luck to all that were nominated, you're all very deserving!

  • Carolyn & Shakey - 1 year ago

    We so enjoy watching all of you every week, great guys, great racers, but Clayton is our grandson so he gets our vote. Good luck to all!!! Wally & Carolyn

  • brady - 1 year ago

    justin pogoens

  • Molly - 1 year ago

    Racecar Ryan Bowers #199!!!!

  • Shauna - 1 year ago

    Justin A-strike!!

  • Travis ulmer - 1 year ago

    Tourville baby all the way!!

  • vera bauman - 1 year ago

    Go Ryan!!

  • ME - 1 year ago

    I would have to vote for Dave Siercks. He took the hardest hit/roll in 2012

  • Vickie - 1 year ago

    Keith Tourville-great guy and lives for racing. Loves his fans!!!

  • Gregory James Mulligan - 1 year ago

    111jr Keith Tourville, He is a hard working young man with a heart of Gold and a great friend.

  • jon - 1 year ago

    I vote for all enjoyed being on track with all you guys

  • Kristie - 1 year ago

    14W Clayton Wagamon goes out of his way to treat his fans as friends. Classy driver at a young age.

  • Katie - 1 year ago

    Go Clayton!!!!!!!

  • Brandon - 1 year ago

    All of you guys are alsome and clean drivers. good luck for the year of 2013.

  • Joe Black - 1 year ago

    Go Clayton Wagamon 14W. Kid has a lot of talent and is a really nice guy gave my son a free T-shirt! Good luck in your racing career!

  • brandon hellriegel - 1 year ago

    old tourvilly good guy great driver next year let em race for it

  • Gina S - 1 year ago

    Go Ryan!!! :)

  • Pam reimann - 1 year ago

    Justin P a class act always

  • Kim - 1 year ago

    Go Ryan

  • Ryan A - 1 year ago

    199 All The Way!!! Go Bowers!!

  • English Racing - 1 year ago


  • kyle - 1 year ago

    Keith tourville 111jr awesome guy

  • Tasha Tourville - 1 year ago

    Keith tourville 111jr one of the most genuine people I know.. and is very talented in all he does...

  • Vanessa - 1 year ago

    Go Ryan!

  • Ken Larson - 1 year ago

    Keith is one of the most talented racers i have seen in years. Young guy who builds and drives an awesome race car 111Jr all the way

  • Matthew Dibb - 1 year ago

    Wagamon all the way 14w

  • Mark Fraser - 1 year ago

    199 Ryan Bowers. Good luck mate.

  • Billi Jo Keeney - 1 year ago

    Keith is a talented driver and gives his fans a great appreication for their love of racing

  • Miguel Rodriguez - 1 year ago

    Iceicebaby 14w agamon!!

  • Kyla - 1 year ago


  • Kyla - 1 year ago


  • tim baker - 1 year ago

    keith tourville is a fierce driver and a real talented fun loving kid,who loves and appreciates his fans dearly

  • Melissa Bowers - 1 year ago

    All great guys & good luck to all!! Go 199

  • Patty Peterson - 1 year ago

    They are All good!! A hard decision.. I choose Clayton 14W. Go Clayton!!!

  • Mike - 1 year ago


  • Kris bauman - 1 year ago

    Go big brother!! #199

  • Melissa - 1 year ago

    Go Ryan!!!

  • justin - 1 year ago


  • crystal lampert - 1 year ago

    Keithis the best. And very super nice to all his fans.

  • Jill - 1 year ago


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