Are you able to easily find what you're looking for in the new PlayStation Forums?

Posted 1 year ago.


  • My answer is Yes.! I can find everything VERY easy.! Thanks.!

  • BelovID - 1 year ago

    Finally the forums are cleaned up, neat and easily readable but navigation is still a complete effing mess. There's organization---but only vaguely. When forums are floated to the top---the top of WHAT? There's no indication for users (until they stumble upon it by accident) to know that things they've floated to the "top" get thrown to Games or something else that makes zero sense.

    Why is SONY so archaic with forums when ZBoards and other BBCoded forums have been thriving for years with much more simplicity?

    THese forums (as of this last month) are much better than they used to be, thankfully, but still are in need of many small tweaks. The major one I can think of is getting RID of the HTML nonsense. GET RID OF IT.

  • smokingpistol - 1 year ago

    Not liking alot of it. Home shouldnt be under 'game'.
    Concur with most already here. Looks nice but is disjointed.

  • Yaheard2008ep - 1 year ago

    I think the new look of the forums are better organized than the previous edition. You can pick and choose what topics that you wanna see and with the pics showing what you are looking at I think it makes it easier. I would suggest Have a Vita Section where gamers can discuss up coming games, or add each other also a area for the PS4 topics so that users can discuss their excitement of a new system.

  • Seth - 1 year ago

    The general forum is way too annoying. There's too much included there, that all the lame stuff is there and it takes forever to find anything interesting. I miss the platform specific forums (PS Vita, PS3, etc). If I just want some Vita talk, why should I be forced to shift through crap?

  • Andrew Furman - 1 year ago

    I love it myself,it looks just that to me..updated.i don't find it hard at all to navigate,the icons are nice and big,the layout is nice,and I find it inviting to use.overall I would say excellent job..and thank you!

  • Brian K Irons - 1 year ago

    I can not find the space to report abusive users, meanwhile I'm being subjected to abusive behavior daily!!!!

  • Iceyfire54312 - 1 year ago

    Love the new layout but I'm a bit displeased there is no vita of plus forum

  • Iceyfire54312 - 1 year ago

    Love the new layout but I'm a bit displeased there is no vita of plus forum

  • Regine - 1 year ago

    It all looks very nice, but for instance, I can't find the Home forums at all. Only through my account can I find it. I've yet to use it, but the Home forums are nowhere to be found on the menu.

  • jlslippers - 1 year ago

    I like that games are separated into their specific genres and then to their series. I do miss the puzzle category though. As far as the general section, that needs to be further categorized into the individual systems (i.e. PS3, Vita, PSN and others). I have not checked the support section yet, but they should also be divided by system type.

  • Fraze - 1 year ago

    No. I've given it an honest try too. Things are all mixed together. I only own a I am ONLY interested in the Vita topics. Everything is all mashed in to one "General Forum". Frankly, its ridiculous. Its like having 1 drawer in a cabinet and all your socks, shirts, pants, shoes, coats, tools, groceries, dvd's, batteries, hats, gloves, pop, beer and anything else you want to include in that list all in that one drawer.... Good luck finding anything....yeah search is there, but who wants to sit and search all day long. I want to goto the AREA of a forum that interests me and read items related to THAT system and topic. You wont answer this, but what was the basis for your change?

  • Eddie - 1 year ago

    It was easier and more organized before the change. I understand why it was changed but now it is inconvenient.

  • Geoff Gold - 1 year ago

    Liked forums separated by what they where. Now it's just a cluster and harder to find topics that truly interest me.

  • Xuchilbara - 1 year ago

    If it wasn't for the GoTo navigation menu I wouldn't be able to easily find my way around. PlayStation General is a mess. My settings for the forum are 50 topics per page and 20 post per topic.

    I believe the suggestions on this post would really better the PS General experience. Please take it to consideration.

  • JustSome_Chick - 1 year ago

    No I do not like it. Everything looks cluttered, confusing, and it's headache inducing trying to find what you are looking for.

  • Jay - 1 year ago

    Want my plus and vita sections back, having it all lumped together is a bad idea and even doing a poll before hand would of told you this! I guess since the beta forums are gone too I need to disclose my comments about that in the general area too? cough *idiots* cough

  • King0fHearts2007 - 1 year ago

    Please tell me that when the PS4 comes out it will also have it's own newer forums. Adding the PS4 it's games and everything else that will come with it will make this a bigger mess.

  • Ace - 1 year ago

    Everything is merged, bad idea. There's no more specific way to get to what you want. Often what you are looking for is buried in a pile of stuff you don't want to take the time to sort through. I, for one, will not be visiting as much as I used to.

  • Ishman13 - 1 year ago

    Merging all of the forums makes it harder to find what I am looking for

  • Yun - 1 year ago

    The new layout leaves a lot to be desired, the best iteration of PS forums was it's first. This poll is not asking what forum members want to reply to, which is custom avatars. I don't understand why you would disable the feature, as it worked perfectly in the last iteration of PS forums. I mean it's just a custom avatar, (as long as it's appropriate) what does PS forums have to lose?

  • Jim777 - 1 year ago

    There are way way to many threads being floated to the top.

  • jason - 1 year ago

    looks ok, wondering why home does not have a static post listed under playstation general, above off topic, instead of just being "featured"

  • Speedy24xmax - 1 year ago

    What happened to the recent threads created section from the homepage I found that useful but now its gone?

  • Stackcluster - 1 year ago

    Do you hire retards to rehaul the forums every 6 month ??

  • Buckallmighty - 1 year ago

    Please add a Playstation®Plus section to the games category. Everything besides that being missing seems nice.

  • Mannieoosso - 1 year ago

    The old forum was better, if it ain't broke why oh why try and fix it?

  • alamarco - 1 year ago

    No, I can't find what I'm looking for. The PS General section got merged into one forum and that just creates too big a cluster to sort through.

  • Gustauve - 1 year ago

    I mainly post in one section, now I have to sort through many posts unnecessarily to find the ones I'm interested in. l

  • Dan - 1 year ago

    I love the new looks, and, same as before, they load quickly. However, combining the various sub-forums of the old forum into one general clusterfuk makes finding content of a specific topic a daunting task. Bring the sub-forums back, and thing's'll be just peachy.

  • Andy - 1 year ago

    No I liked it more the way it was before. When I want to talk about one thing I go to a specific board. Now I have to look through all the clutter in the hopes that I find what I'm looking for

  • Mike - 1 year ago

    I have a ps3 & ps+. I don't care about any other things in the forum. I'm sure people have other combinations & may not care what I care for. If we could just look up the forum topics that interest us, well, it would be a more tailored experience

  • superfriar19 - 1 year ago

    It looks better and that's it. People want categories. We don't want to scroll through a bunch of threads to find what we are looking for. It was so much better when I could just click on Vita or Plus and get to the related threads. It's just a mess now. A nice looking mess but a mess nonetheless.

  • icek - 1 year ago

    I like the design it makes the site less confusing but i just miss the PS plus section its something i could do without as time goes by.

  • Sasha - 1 year ago

    What everyone else mentioned, incredible mess, organised site is good thing, I have no idea who thought that throwing everything in one bag is a good idea.

  • fus-commy - 1 year ago

    Just had some 15yr old kids video chat me on a M rated game(MAG). I assumed they were 18 (M rated game). Cursing at me and stuff because of the forums. What am I supposed to do, curse at them back. NO. Why for the love of GOD is the MAG forum not 18+ when the game is? Thats lame.

  • veronicamars - 1 year ago

    Everything is just thrown together, old form post are first, there was nothing wrong with the old layout,

  • squiggle55 - 1 year ago

    As far as looks go, it LOOKS a little bit better. But the organization used to be a lot better. Split it back up into PS3, Vita, PS4, PSN, etc.

  • Khaye - 1 year ago

    This new setup is a convoluted mess. Everything crammed together with no real rhyme nor reason. Whos toddler designed this garbage?

  • Jason Manville - 1 year ago

    PlayStation Hotline claims that your forums will be responded to by them within an hr in red. How come on the forums you don't see these responses from them? Why are they relying on the consumers to resolve their issues?

  • Dubloon7 - 1 year ago


    New Community Forums are total garbage. FIX THIS SHIT ASAP!!!!!

  • Abhijit - 1 year ago

    NO. Clubbing all the general forums (PS3, PSP, PS Vita, etc.) was a stupid, dumb, inane, idiotic, mental, poor, ridiculous and atrocious move.

  • pfp1935 - 1 year ago

    Mabe once I get used to it , but right now really confuseing ....

  • Digitman3 - 1 year ago

    Absolute mess.. It was much more organized before the change, much. Is burying the Home forums and making them impossible to find going to encourage new user use? Whoever "organized" this mess must have been in charge of "organizing" the PSN Store too. They share a very similar twisted "disorganization" to them. I don't even bother with the store anymore.

  • PSVITAGAMER2012 - 1 year ago

    I liked things separate because I only care about PSVITA stuff since I don't have or care to have a PS3.This
    putting all Sony stuff in a PS General area is stupid.You have made a mess of things for folks to read,navigate or use here,I liked having the Vita Forum much better.This effort by you folks is NOT progress.

  • dan - 1 year ago

    Merging all of general has made general unusable for me. Way to many irrelevant threads to sort through. No big deal though. I'll just stick to support from now on.

  • kevin - 1 year ago

    am still trying to find help on np-8132-4

  • King0fHearts2007 - 1 year ago

    First let me just say this is not a "Home" question so people who are linking this to Home should just stop. The PSN BBS is way to hard to find some forums. It took me forever to find the GT5 forum. Also PSN's BBS has to have one of the worst search engines I've ever seen. If your looking for an old post it's next to impossible to find it. If you have ever used vBulletin it's so much easier to use there search engines.

  • FreshRevenge - 1 year ago

    I would like a way to know how many new posts are in the threads that I post in. Currently on my user page, it doesn't show that!

  • lazarojenrry - 1 year ago

    Yes is easier and navigable to use as well. Well thanks for letting us comment of how the forums are running.
    See you all in playstation community forums everyone !

  • ossiecastro5 - 1 year ago

    It was a lot simpler to navigate the forums before the update. Everything was so neat and tidy. Now everything is mixed. At least this update has style.

  • Jeremy - 1 year ago

    There needs to be sub groups that relates to each Sony console.

  • bookepride - 1 year ago

    Like others have said, the merging of all the PlayStation General sections made it more disorganized. Now there is just one page and when going into a thread you now have to guess what the topic is since half of the time the OP doesn't say much if their new to the forums. There is always 2 pages of current threads. Threads that should be seen that moment get pushed down more to the bottom or to page two. When we get more news about PS4, all important threads not relating to PS4 will get pushed down and it will be a nightmare.

  • torch1177 - 1 year ago

    Putting all the systems in one general discussion is cluttered, makes it difficult to find any thing and removes any feeling of community.

  • Moblesuit75 - 1 year ago

    It took a couple of days, but I am back up and running again.

    I actually like the new format and drop down menus. Instead of looking at two or three columns of choices, I can easily zip to the top or side of the Forum and go right where I want, from any portion of the Forum.

    Great work guys!


  • MysticMur - 1 year ago

    Home is not a game. Finding Home support is difficult, too.

  • Jeremiah - 1 year ago

    The PS General section is too disorganized. The rest of it is still pretty good.

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