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We think you'll love using Polldaddy

Polldaddy is brought to you by the same great company behind Your data is safe in the hands of our 24/7 technical team. Read more about our great features and pricing.

Every day we are trusted by many Fortune 500 companies to conduct their surveys, polls, and quizzes. With full support for WordPress and other publishing platforms it couldn't be easier.


Helpful Survey App for iOS

Take the pulse of your customers directly for the first time ever with Polldaddy for iPad and iPhone. Now all the power and flexibility of Polldaddy surveys are literally at your fingertips.

Polldaddy for iOS provides an eye-catching, enjoyable way for prospective customers to share their feedback and information with you when you're meeting them one on one.


Flexible Embedding Options

Once you create your poll, survey or quiz, it's time to send it out to your clients, customers, students, users and website visitors.

You can link directly to your content, embed it in your web pages, email it out or have it literally pop up on your website. We provide tons of great ways to reach your audience.

Data Vis

Robust Reporting & Data Portability

Once people start to fill our your poll, survey or quiz you will start to see data in your reports immediately. You can analyze, filter and share your data with colleagues.

We support exporting your data to Excel, Google Docs, CSV, XML and PDF. You can also be notified by email or an HTTP POST request when you get a new responses to your content.


Custom Look & Feel

Our tools can easily be made to adapt to your colors, logos and corporate identity. You get full access to the poll, survey and quiz CSS stylesheets.

You can also localize our tools into any language. You can add content from YouTube, Flickr, Google Maps and many other services to help enhance your users' experience.

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  • Pay monthly or yearly. You're the boss.
  • One simple account with flexible user permissions.
  • Collect feedback from web, email, iPad or social media accounts.
  • Generate and share easy-to-read reports.


Test your students with pop quizzes. Gather feedback on course work, field trips, and events from students and colleagues. Polldaddy eases communication in the classroom and teachers' lounge. Read more about online quizzes…

Audience Participation

Polls are a perfect way to interact with site visitors. Your audience can give you instant feedback on the topics you choose, with a single click. Polldaddy makes it easy to get feedback.
Read more about online feedback…

Plan Events

Whether it's a corporate meeting, wedding or birthday, gathering information from attendees prior to the event can save a lot of hassle. Find out the dates that suit people, what food they eat and who's coming with them. Polldaddy can ask the questions you don't have the time to ask yourself.

Customer Satisfaction

Find out how your customers feel about your services. Create a survey to send out after each purchase or survey your existing customers and ask them what you can do to improve your service for them. Polldaddy can help keep this important line of communication open. Read more about custom satisfaction surveys…

Employees & HR

Increase employee satisfaction by asking them how their job is going and if they are happy with their work environment. Easily identify small issues before they become big issues. Use Polldaddy to give your employees a voice. Read more about HR surveys…

Market Research

Reach out to your potential customers and survey them on your new products and services. With our innovative iPad app you can collect survey responses in person at conferences and shows. Read more about market research surveys…