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Moment of the Week 5/9/18 *Spoilers* (Poll Closed)

  • Brother Eye shows Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown what was taken from them and then proceed to kick the A.I.'s ass. - Detective Comics #980
    19 votes

  • Lightspeed gets de-aged to power pack size. - Runaways #9
    5 votes

  • Having stolen Sideways’ rift power, Replicant activates it, brushes himself down and ... explodes. - Sideways #4
    1 vote

  • Waller's psychics accidentally blow up Brainiac's head before he has a chance to tell the heroes the plan to defeat the Omega Titans - Justice League: No Justice #1
    8 votes

  • "It's good to see you again. And I'm sorry." Roger sends Hellboy back to the land of the living. - BPRD The Devil You Know #6
    10 votes

  • "Rao is dead, Wonder Woman... and you're next!" Supergirl attacks Wonder Woman. - Wonder Woman #46
    5 votes


Posted 5 months.