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What is Buffalo's best local morning radio show?

Posted 1 week.


  • John - 6 days ago

    Sherdd and Eagan all the way.lived here in buffalo and I've always listen to 103.3 the edge, all day long....... THEY ROCK BUFFALO

  • Dani Girl - 6 days ago

    Bull all the way!!!

  • gary - 6 days ago

    shredd and regan baby!!!!! love the morning show... and i listen all day long until my work shifts end... i enjoy much of the music they introduce to us as well as them playing my favorite 90's music as well as the age rock...

  • Stephanie K - 6 days ago

    Love Shredd and Ragan!!!! Very funny with the OTF, Niagara Falls Police Blotter and up to date with the news especially our sports teams !!!

  • Taylor Transue - 6 days ago

    Have no clue how janet and nick are even still relevant. Talk about the same celebrity crap and act 20 when they are pushing 50. Couldn't stand to listen to them as a student and cant stand it now.

  • Anna - 6 days ago

    Janet & Nick all the way! Used to listen to them on the school bus growing up and now listen to them while I drive to work everyday!

  • RLW - 6 days ago

    Lets be honest, its about the music you listen to not the hosts. You aren't going to listen to a country morning show if you hate country music. Or a classic rock morning show if you're not into classic rock!

  • WalL Mart - 6 days ago

    I miss Taylor & Moore with their unique style of broadcasting.

  • Jamie L. - 6 days ago

    I love a good wholesome morning show - my boys and I love Janet in the morning!!!!

  • Anne Marie - 6 days ago

    Janet shops at Cougars R Us. She likes her men to have graduated with her children.

  • Michele - 6 days ago

    Where does Janet shop at? I LOVE her style.

  • Anne Marie - 6 days ago

    Janet is my hero. She puts a smile on my face that's as big as her heart.

  • Michele - 6 days ago

    Love me some Janet and Nick!!! MP :)

  • Colleen Opala - 6 days ago

    Love Liz & Clay great start to my day !!!!

  • Suzanne. - 6 days ago

    Love Shreds and Ragan, police blotter, O!T!F!. Real news, not just corporate vomit

  • L - 6 days ago

    Shredd and Ragan are easily the best. Funny, informative, and just plain cool. I love when they poke fun at things. I normally hate talk radio, but I listen to them all the time. They're great.

  • Tina Ruff - 6 days ago

    Janet and Nick all the way. I listen to them every single morning they are the best great topics wonderful people definitely puts a smile on my face everyday. Thank you

  • Debbie - 6 days ago

    I love listening to Clay and Liz, they are so funny.

  • Tara - 6 days ago

    Love Clay and Liz, they are so funny.. Liz cracks me up with her shennanigans. Dale is missed but still the best morning show around. Used to listen to Janet and Nick, but love Liz and Clay more.

  • Sue Hurlbut - 6 days ago

    I listen to Janet and Nick during my drive to work and when I arrive in my kindergarten classroom, I turn 98.5 on my smartboard and listen to them while i get ready for my day! Janet and Nick are the best!!

  • Sarah Kolber - 6 days ago

    I love listening to Janet and Nick in the morning!!! I listen to them every morning on my way to school! I am hoping that I can win tickets to meet Why Don’t We from them! That would literally make my year and make my dream come true!

  • Tanya - 6 days ago

    I love Clay and Liz! I miss Dale!! I've been listening to work for years and it's been awesome hearing Clay "grow" as a person and radio personality, hearing him go from a single guy to married with a baby boy and now another new baby on the way! Its truly awesome!! Liz is awesome! Hearing her continue to experience wny and talking about Cleveland (I'm from there also), sharing her recipies with everyone and just enjoying life! They are really a great fit together!

  • Stephanie . Rz - 6 days ago

    Country all the way baby WYRK with clay and Liz I don't know what I would do if I didn't have them to wake up to in the morning they're funny they're down to earth they love everybody I think WYRK has this in the bag everybody needs to tell their friends and their parents and what not to vote for WYRK so we know that they win it#1 country station ever

  • Sandy - 6 days ago

    Love Clay and Liz!! Liz was a great addition to the show and her chemistry with Clay (and Dale) is just wonderful. My favorite morning show.!!

  • Joyce - 6 days ago

    I love waking up to Clay and Liz every morning. They make laugh with their comnents and shenanigans. ???? (I do miss Dale though.) But if it weren't for them, I wouldn't listen to Buffalo radio at all.

  • Julie Reece - 6 days ago

    Can't listen to WYRK anymore. Liz is so annoying. It's no wonder Dale left.

  • Derick Mott - 6 days ago

    Jannett and nick need to be replaced by someone younger...

  • Rich - 1 week ago

    I moved to Buffalo almost 30 years ago. I have almost an hour commute to my job and have listened to Shredd and Ragan for years. They know the culture of Buffalo very well and offer a progressive view on local events that is not the usual clamor you get from all the Rush Wannabes on talk radio these days. They have a funny, but no nonsense commentary on local news... And don't vomit the company line of the radio industry.

  • Sue - 1 week ago

    I have a 40 minute drive to work and I listen to Liz and Clay every morning. I love them!!

  • Michelle - 1 week ago

    I have listened to Clay (and Dale) on WYRK for 20 years! Liz was a perfect addition, and even though Dale deserves his retirement, he is SO very missed by so many listeners! Clay and Liz are always about their listeners and are always out and about, in the community and have an awesome sense of friendship and make my day! Please let them win this, they so deserve it! Love you guys!!

  • Sharon Berger - 1 week ago

    Clay and Liz in the morning are a great way to start the day!! Great music!!

  • sammy - 1 week ago

    sredd and ragan are the best. how could you not like them. they are funny and informative about the news and they go in depth about sports. 103.3 morning show is awesome. before any of you mock them . you should listen to them. i hope they win. they deserve the recognition.

  • Barb Salisbury - 1 week ago

    Clay and Liz have the best show!!! Always makes me laugh. They seem to have so much fun together. They deserve to win!!!!????

  • Teresa - 1 week ago

    Listen every morning and all day at work!! WYRK!! Wouldn't listen to anything else!!

  • Sara Pach-McCartney - 1 week ago

    Liz and clay are great to listen too! always makes me laugh!!

  • Cindy Froebel - 1 week ago

    Love clay and Liz!!

  • Lisa Beicke - 1 week ago

    OMG Clay and Liz of course. Country radio all the way. And I miss Dale too!!!

  • Ronda Marvel - 1 week ago

    Love Clay and Liz but I miss Dale too. Went on vacation, came home, and he was gone. ????????. Enjoy your retirement. The 3-some was AWESOME, feeding off the "older" guy. Good luck, Clay and Liz. ????????????

  • Anne Turner - 1 week ago

    Clay & Liz in the mornin & the country music along w/ the news makes the gettin up good along w/my coffee

  • Anne Turner - 1 week ago

    Clay & Liz in the mornin & the country music along w/ the news makes the gettin up good along w/my coffee

  • Tracey - 1 week ago

    Yuck! No Janet Snyder! Awful! Clay and Liz all the way! I miss Dale too!

  • Donna - 1 week ago

    Love love love wyrk!!!!!

  • Greg Hanna - 1 week ago

    Why are there otherr choices besides Shredd and Ragan? Janet who again????

  • Dave - 1 week ago

    Janet needs to fade to black, like her roots

  • Joe - 1 week ago

    Country Music is better when Clay and Liz,fill the morning, Thanks for waking up with me in the morning!!!

  • Tom Harris - 1 week ago

    Morning Bull is refreshing and witty! Bull, Rob & Chris have great chemistry and do great things in the community! Great music to boot

  • Amy - 1 week ago

    Rich (Bull), Rob, Chris & Steve are a great team. Morning Bull is a hilarious morning show. 97 Rock is the only station I listen to...

  • Sue - 1 week ago

    Janet is corny, uppity, and self absorbed who name drops (Kim Pegula)

  • Wendy Nicosia - 1 week ago

    I love listening to Clay and Liz they get me in a great mood

  • Rachael N - 1 week ago

    Clay and Liz are wonderful!! The only show that entertains the listeners instead of being full of themselves.

  • John - 1 week ago

    Tom Ragan is the least funny on air personality I’ve ever heard. The bits on that show are tired and stale. Time for some new ideas.

  • kevin - 1 week ago

    Please don't choose Janet Schneider, her ego is too large already.

  • Laura - 1 week ago

    I love the comraderie and sense of fun. And less politics

  • Kyle Stasierowski - 1 week ago

    I hope that Clay and Liz from 106.5 WYRK FM win because that’s the only station I listen to!!!! ????

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