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YOUR CALL: Do you believe Doug Ford can keep his promise to cut gasoline tax if PCs are elected?

Posted 5 months.

1 Comment

  • Grant Horner - 5 months ago

    He could cut the Carbon tax off it but he can't cut as much as he is saying - taxes are still needed to pay for services within the province and some of that tax is also Federal which he can't remove.
    I applaud his idea but 1) He won't be able to do it to the level he's claiming and 2) Even if he does cut the taxes some on Gasoline, the greedy corporations will just increase their prices to grab at least some of the difference and put it in their back pockets.
    Best thing to do is to try and force the gas giants to use oil from within Canada (use tax breaks on Canadian crude or penalties on importing oil products) and to create more refining centers here also.

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