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How did you discover the OUTLANDER books?

Posted 3 weeks.


  • N. Lund - 2 weeks ago

    I saw a few articles talking about the upcoming series in magazines. So, hearing it was based on books, I started reading about 6 months before the show premiered. I have read or listened to all of the books at least twice a year since. I continue to read and listen to other books, but am now thoroughly spoiled by the genius of Herself.

  • Nancy Licko - 3 weeks ago

    A friend suggested Outlander. She knew I liked series. I raved about the book to my husband and now he's hooked. We have read all the books more than once and watched the TV adaptations. The books are the best. Your writing provides such richness of character and scene that I struggle to find other good reads.

  • Kim Albertson - 3 weeks ago

    A good friend said, 'Eh, I didn't like this, maybe you will.' Hah! Finally tried the TV series this year. Now I have two Outlanders!
    Book series helped save my life and sanity, when life was drowning me and my spouse. Forever grateful.

  • Joanne G - 3 weeks ago

    I found Voyager at the library and it looked like an interesting read. When I started to read it I didn’t realize it was the third book in the series. I then went back, read the first 2, and then Voyager again. Drums of Autumn was just coming out, so I bought it and have bought and read the rest as they came out. I love the series.

  • Maggie Ferguson-Dumais - 3 weeks ago

    Found Dragonfly in Amber in local convenience it despite discovering it was the second book...Found Outlander....was caught forever in the story....have read the entire series many times....always wanted to see this story told in films.....have many tattered copies of the series I have shared....Dianna Gabaldoon is my all time favorite story teller....

  • Benjumea dalida - 3 weeks ago

    Magnifique diana❤️

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