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Should the province spend the money to widen the southwest portion of Anthony Henday Drive?

Posted 4 months.


  • Jeff - 4 months ago

    Much of the Henday is poorly planned and so should be corrected but you could make it 8 lanes and the and the poor drivers will still mess it up. Licences are handed out too easy. Learn to merge on and off the freeway properly. Learn to flow with traffic or stay off the Henday.
    This government is obsessed thru OH&S to make sure our employers keep us safe from harm at all cost from 8-5 but you risk your life getting to and from work because this and previous governments hand out licences like they're candy. Lets start cracking down on bad drivers....and I don't mean just useless photo radar...I mean get BAD DRIVERS retested.

  • K Jennings - 4 months ago

    I know, they could first fix that signaling Metro transit line first since it's been broken for years now. Where it signals traffic 5 minutes before it arrives at the crossings. Edmonton's planning department seems to always schedule major infrastructure projects with the planning coming after they build it. Must be away to keep contractors fingers in the cities purses.

  • Laurie Nauss - 4 months ago

    Even with making more lanes there will still be drivers who DON't use common sense and drive or merge right and therefore screwing up traffic flow. Plus alot of problems like west bound every day around 127st are due to two of the ramps merging and ending close to the main traffic flow and drivers either stop or ones on Henday will not adjust to allow new traffic..

  • Paddy Dutton - 4 months ago

    The Province like Edmonton's city council thought small and built something out of date when it was completed. I couldn't understand why there were traffic lights at interchanges and no clover leafs everywhere but I do understand the extra room on overpasses where the city can set up the photo radar and the enforce the 100 klicks limit instead of 110.

  • Just me - 4 months ago

    I agree, with terry. Edmonton waited to late for traffic congestion, a buck late and a dollar short. However at least they are doing something about it. Being a bit proactive. Good on them if they fallow through,,, maybe we got a winner here,, hoping
    I’ll take the high road and and say thank you province, good on you!!!!!

  • Terry - 4 months ago

    Another example of BAD PLANNING
    Should have been 6 lanes to begin with
    Would have cost a lot less to do it right the first time

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