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Should Ontario PC leader Doug Ford allow the Liberals to attain official party status?

Posted 4 months.


  • Steve Lombardi - 4 months ago

    How come no one has told Tru Dat to go fuck himself .
    Long overrrrr

  • MaidenCanada - 4 months ago

    Hell no, they lost and it would cost taxpayers $ 3 MILLION dollars if Doug gives them party status.
    I have a better idea, raise the amount of seats needed to have party status from 8 to 12.... they added another 18 seats this past election so the amount of seats for party status should also raise.
    Sorry Wynnebag, you and your CORRUPT party get exactly what you deserve, I'm still scratching my head as to how they managed 7 seat ? should have been decimated to just 1 seat, Wynnebags seat, just so she can be there in the house when all the dirt is brought to light and then be carted off in cuffs to jail.!!!

  • JSheridan - 4 months ago

    Of course not. They blew it themselves and deserve to experience democratic reality.

  • Try Dat - 4 months ago

    Awe, wittle Stevie has a crush on me. Lol, how cute.

  • tru dat - 4 months ago

    no way ! those cry babies do not deserve to be an official party . liberals are so dumb !

  • Kevin McConnell - 4 months ago

    At last count there were 1056 morons! This party had no regard for Ontario so why should they get official party status? The liberals never gave it to the NDP back in 2003 and that was the right decision then and it is the right decision now! Let them realize just how pissed off we are!

  • Stephen Hicken - 4 months ago

    I know the Liberals would never do it for Conservatives so let them suffer and maybe they will wisen up and not be so arrogant, but then they wont change we all know that

  • In all OUR SONS command - 4 months ago

    Doug promised to respect taxpayers. Tax paying voters clearly rejected liberals, thereby denying them sufficient seats to retain party status. Premier Ford needs to, and will respect the will of the electorate.

  • wayne sumbler - 4 months ago

    No way. If the conservatives want to save tax payer money, let the liberals rot in hell. The liberals would not play nice so why should the conservatives. I would like to know how much it would cost taxpayers to allow the Liberals to get status. Do the right thing Mr. Ford and say NO. Pay off portion of the Debt with the savings. Show the figures on how much it would cost the keep the Libs on board. I trust Mr. Ford reads what the populace wants.

  • Dave Hendershot - 4 months ago

    Official party status would probably open more doors to the federal Liberals and allow further lobbying and support to mini Obama , Justin ,with his dictatorial , suicidal , Merkel - like policy , re immigration for one , his fantasy about defying common sense in opposing Trump on trade , etc., etc.

  • Jason Bourne - 4 months ago

    Rules are rules.
    The best interest of the people of Ontario should be the utmost consideration if the rule is to be amended.
    Is granting official party status to the Liberal Party in the best interest of Ontario?
    I think NOT.

  • Doug - 4 months ago

    No. Not the first time this has happened. Time for a reboot and reflection if such a thing is possible for this arrogant lot. Sometime over the next couple years a by election will be called and they can try for that seat. Isn,t that how our democracy should work.

  • Ron Linda - 4 months ago

    Definitely NOT.
    Rules is rules so we must all learn to abide by them.
    Why do the Liberals think they are above following laid down procedures?
    Into the political hinterland until you are worthy of being a recognized party.
    That could take a long, long time.

  • E. Allen - 4 months ago

    Of course they should NOT be given official party status. They lost, they dont have the needed 8 seats. No amount of whining by wynnebag etc should be allowed to change the rule. Too bad, so sad. Sucks to be her. I've got no sympathy for any of them.

  • L. D. Cross - 4 months ago

    Official party status?
    What goes around comes around

    The Question: should Ontario Liberals be given official party status?
    The Answer: do what Dalton did

    The threshold for party status in the Ontario legislature is eight MPPs. In 2003, the NDP won only seven seats and the victorious Liberals under Dalton McGinty refused to formally lower the threshold for official party status. That forced the NDP to lay off staff and not be recognized during question period.
    The standoff ended in 2004 when the NDP won a Hamilton byelection and (guess who?) Angela Horwath became their eighth MPP. Dalton McGinty and his Liberals had to acknowledge the NDP had official party status and reinstate all the perks that entails.
    So now the Liberals have come up short. What to do? Do what Dalton did to the NDP.
    Forget about the Wynne-less rump now throwing themselves on the mercy of the PCs they despise to ask the threshold be reduced just for them.
    And many NDPers remember their shoddy treatment by the Liberals.
    The solution? Do what Dalton did. Banish them to the back corner of the house.
    What goes around comes around.

  • Rupert Cameron - 4 months ago

    Absolutely not in fact Wynne and some if not all of her cabinet ministers should face jail time for all of their criminally bent activities. Wynne especially should not have been allowed to keep her position as an MPP and be banned from holding any political position anywhere in Ontario. millions of Ontarions are suffering under her green energy screw-ups that we'll all be paying for over the next 35 to 40 years. That's unconscionable behaviour and she should be personally penalized for that.

  • Brian - 4 months ago

    No way should they get Official Party Status. The Liberals have lied for years. They have cost us, the tax payers, BILLIONS of dollars. This goes way back to the McGuinty days. Ontario's economy is in shambles, hydro rates are astronomical, Insurance rates are too high, hospitals are cut to the bone. The Ontario voters have shown that they have zero confidence in the Liberals. Giving them party status would be an insult to the voters.

  • Steve Lombardi - 4 months ago

    I don't think so they dug this mess themselves and they didn't think that all of this wasn't
    going to bite them in the ass,what pisses me off is the Liberals really think that canadians are stupid and forgetful of how she ran this provence.
    Good luck Winbag I heard McDonalds is hiring.

  • JJ - 4 months ago

    I think they should. just in case this would happen to the Conservatives.
    I think the federal Liberals are on the way out because of the Cap and Trade
    tax and the momentum of the Conservative convincing win.

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