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What is the best film of 2018 so far?

Posted 5 days.


  • Lucy Morus-Baird - 8 hours ago

    Perhaps because it was the last film that I watched, perhaps because I love sushi and dogs or perhaps Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs is the film that had me feeling such a thrill of excitement inside I wanted to call everyone I know and tell them to watch it immediately. I laughed, cried and followed intently as a group of dogs told this moving story, cleverly peppered with social and political commentary while a superb soundtrack held the beat. Not to mention the massive raising of the stop motion bar. A masterpiece this is on all levels!

  • Olin Postlethwait - yesterday

    For me it is a two man race so far this year between You Were Never Really Here and First Reformed. Both with stellar performances from their leading actors Joaquin Phoenix and Ethan Hawke respectively. You Were Never Really Here takes the cake though with it's tight narrative, cutting away all the fat and leaving us with a chilling character study against the backdrop of a sextrafficking scandal. Exercising the less-is-more technic to perfection, the film shows you everything you NEED to see, and leaves out everything you wish to see. Making the violent scenes much more haunting in your imagination than what would be portrayed on screen. All this leads to an ending that goes against your expectations and refuses to provide the perfectly gift-wrapped ending you desire (in the best possible way). Lynne Ramsay has delivered 2018's best movie of the year so far, and possibly the best movie of 2018. I'm excited to see what else 2018 brings in it's second half!

  • Dan from new Zealand - yesterday

    It's been a while since I last threw my vote away by selecting 'other', but the Death of Stalin is easily my pick of Best of 2018 so far. Watch it!

  • Conner McCabe - yesterday

    Sorry to Bother You, although divisive, is my current choice for favorite film thus far. In a world of too many simple, great movies, it was excellent to see a complicated, stellar one. I'm incredibly excited by the ambition from Boots Riley and cannot wait to see more.

  • Mitka Alperovitz - 2 days ago

    A hard stare for anyone not choosing Paddington 2

  • Dave Bjorling - 2 days ago

    Best film so far this year without a doubt was Red Sparrow.

  • Randy R. - 3 days ago

    I picked other. "Won't You Be My Neighbor" was just pure joy and portrays the best of humanity. I could not stop smiling. We could really use Fred Rodgers today. Others at the top of my list are:

    1. Won't You Be My Neighbor
    2. Isle of Dogs
    3. Hearts Beat Loud
    4. RBG
    5. Incredibles 2

    - Randy in Annapolis Maryland

  • Jacob Eddy - 3 days ago

    First Reformed expanded to my area (East Lansing, MI) at the end of June, a deeply dark time for the world as well as me personally. I haven’t seen a movie that so accurately expresses despair at the state of the world and the way it overtakes your life. I still haven’t made up my mind with regards to the ending, but it’s certainly the best film I’ve seen all year, and probably the Most 2018 Film I’ve seen as well.

  • Ben Slabach - 3 days ago

    Although I have not seen many films so far this year, I would go with either Annihilation or You Were Never Really Here. Both have lingered with me long after seeing them. It's a shame that I have not seen more films. I guess You Were Never Really Here could also describe me at the theater this year.

  • Wade McCormick - 3 days ago

    My favorite 2018 release is You Were Never Really Here, followed by 4 horror films rounding out the top 5.
    1. You Were Never Really Here
    2. Hereditary
    3. Annihilation
    4. Unsane
    5. A Quiet Place

  • Alex Goes - 4 days ago

    "First Reformed" is the best film included on the poll. However, "24 Frames," the final film by Abbas Kiarostami, is the best film released in 2018. It's a reminder of Godard's quote, "Film begins with DW Griffith and ends with Abbas Kiarostami."

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