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Is Mexico's new government doing the right thing by considering legalizing drugs?

Posted 4 weeks.


  • willy - 3 weeks ago

    The best thing to do for the peace and Quiet...

  • Brian Dufoe - 4 weeks ago

    Those with any progressive thoughts/ideas know legalization is the only route to a more civil society.
    What has the illegality of drugs done?We all know nothing good has come from prison sentences.
    Im glad Canada has moved ahead on legalization .

  • Ziggy - 4 weeks ago

    People have a right to do what ever they wish to their bodies. It's the only thing that truly belongs to them.

  • Leigh Manheim - 4 weeks ago

    Well, the war on drugs is an unmitigated disaster, so could de-criminalizing all drugs be worse? See Portugal and Uruguay for possible answers...

  • frank - 4 weeks ago

    Gregg, It is not about FREE drugs; it is about LEGAL drugs. We never see any beer cartels. Why? because beer is not under prohibition. If they sell a beer that is dangerous, they can be sued....unlike the drugs people might buy on the street from the illegal cartels or from anyone.....

  • Jeff - 4 weeks ago

    Legalizing drugs will actually cause more crime. Anything that is taxed at the retail level creates a black market. Guess who runs the black market world? Organized crime. It’s a horrible circle without defined answers.

  • Pam - 4 weeks ago

    I know lot's seriously conservative Trump supporters who smoke a lot of weed. Using drugs has NOTHING to do with party affiliation.

  • Del Mar - 4 weeks ago

    But why is America the biggest user of drugs?
    No one seems to ask that question.

    And until that question is answered, I don't believe their will be a solution.

    But the cause and effect is what is hoped for by people like George Soros.

  • Bob - 4 weeks ago

    The increase in the use of drugs in the Americas seems connected to the liberal thought that you don't have to take responsibility for your life. The government will do that for you. The gov't will provide free medical, free education through college, free money, free housing, etc, etc.

    So what does the human spirit think of this? I believe that the despair leading to drug use, may well be the cause.

  • Charles Mand - 4 weeks ago

    The times are changing in the americas,the war on drugs has become a discusting disgrace and can not be explained away when families are torn apart for decades! Canada now legalizing marijuana in october has sent the u.s. to make a decision on the federal schedule. The window for jerking it from the federal schedule is closing as we speak!Now canada is thinking of legalizing all drugs because of the economic gain! The private prison system is the obstacle in the way.Mexico on the other hand could legalize all drugs and win the economic part of it,because the cost of living in Mexico is a lot cheaper yearly!

  • Gillian Macgregor - 4 weeks ago

    People will use drugs. The government may as well collect taxes on the sale and use the money to treat addicts and control the cartels

  • Gillian Macgregor - 4 weeks ago

    People will use drugs. The government may as well collect taxes on the sale and use the money to treat addicts and control thecart

  • Betz - 4 weeks ago

    This survey was about legalizing drugs, not free. There will be a cost, of course, but if they are legalized, they can be taxed, and those taxes could be used for better security and take the profit motive away from the cartels.

  • Mike - 4 weeks ago

    Legalising most drugs for personal use is certainly a step in the right direction but it won't solve the problem. The problem is the pole-up-their-ass Americans who consume most of the drugs produced and shipped through Mexico. As long as the puritanical and grossly hypocritical attitudes prevail in the USA Mexico will continue to suffer. USA is the biggest consumer of drugs made and sold by big pharma and although most have the same negative side affects as 'natural' drugs like marijuana and opium they are perfectly legal and even encouraged.

  • Gregg - 4 weeks ago

    Can U imagine a country with free drugs? And if there are free drugs, how many more people will try and cross into the U.S.?

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