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What's your take on the now-infamous New York Times anonymous Op-Ed against President Trump?

  • I trust the NYT and their handling of the Op-Ed, even though I find the column disturbing in many ways.
    35 votes

  • I have little to no reason to trust the "failing" NYT — the column was probably written by a low-level staffer with little access, or was just plain made up to sow chaos.
    6 votes

  • The Op-Ed should never had been written — either have the guts to stand up and criticize Trump publicly, or stay quiet and do your job.
    9 votes

  • Even though the NYT's source is most likely legit and provided a unique perspective from inside the White House, the Op-Ed shouldn't have been published without a name.
    5 votes

  • This is strong evidence of the "Deep State" working against the President, and proof the liberal media is colluding with it to bring the administration down
    25 votes

  • Other
    2 votes

Posted 2 weeks.

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