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Favourite Book Cover Illustration? (Heat One 2018/19) (Poll Closed)

  • BOOK ONE: Andy Briggs - Drone Racer - Matteo Cuccato
    29 votes

  • Book Two: Steven Butler - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yeti! - Steven Lenton
    27 votes

  • BOOK THREE: Peter Bunzl - Skycircus - Becca Stadtlander/Kath Millichope
    60 votes

  • BOOK FOUR: P. G. Bell - The Train to Impossible Places - Flavia Sorrentino
    65 votes

  • Book Five: Neil Patrick Harris - The Magic Misfits - David Litchfield
    48 votes


Posted 2 weeks.


  • Victoria Ellis - 2 weeks ago

    Tough decision - Skycircus is fabulous too but just pipped at the post by The Train to Impossible Places for me.

  • Jade Hewlett - 2 weeks ago

    Great selection, was a tricky decision

  • Miss Cleveland - 2 weeks ago

    Superb, enticing covers! This is going to get very difficult indeed past the group stages.

  • Kate E - 2 weeks ago

    Great selection but Sky Circus my favourite!

  • Sarah F - 2 weeks ago

    They are all great but Skycircus is especially intriguing

  • Jodie Brooks - 2 weeks ago

    All so beautiful!

  • K. M. Lockwood - 2 weeks ago

    It is extraordinarily difficult to choose. especially if you don't know if the cover refelects the book well or not!
    Fabulous selection - I went with my personal taste in the end.

  • Michelle - 2 weeks ago

    I do love to pick a book by its cover. SkyCircus would definitely get picked up :)

  • Tracey Beck - 2 weeks ago

    Love the cover for Sky Circus!

  • Natalie - 2 weeks ago

    I love all of the designs but the one that stands out is Skycircus. It ignites the imagination and is very well designed.

  • Michelle Harrison - 2 weeks ago

    These are all nice covers but Sky Circus is my favourite, it manages to be whimsical but still a clean design.

  • Nia Talbot - 2 weeks ago

    Love the Skycircus cover.

  • Brindy - 2 weeks ago

    Difficult to choose

  • Gill Snell - 2 weeks ago

    All gorgeous

  • Gill Snell - 2 weeks ago

    All gorgeous but I love this cover

  • Peter Chipping - 2 weeks ago

    Brilliant - very inspiring!

  • Sophie Anderson - 2 weeks ago

    All so gorgeous! It's a tricky decision ...

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