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Do you think prosecutors should seek the death penalty for Casey Anthony on charges she killed her 2-year-old daughter?

Posted 9 years.

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  • Jeanne - 6 years ago

    The only reason I don't think Casey should get the death penalty is that it is too easy. Casey wanted "freedom" & the "good life" which meant not having Caylee a part of it. I think she should sit in prison for the rest of her natural life without ANY possibility of parole & let whatever conscience she might have just eat away slowly day by day. Without a doubt, it will drive her more insane than she already is. This would be a fitting punishment for Casey. She'll remember her fleeting "freedom" during the time both Casey & Caylee were missing for those 31 days. I hope that Casey will realize that those 31 days of so called freedom was not worth destroying her child and her family's lives. It has gone to the point of no return & there is no chance of a do over. I cry for the family for their loss of a beautiful child who lit up lives for everyone she knew. She's God little miracle and Casey destroyed God's gift to her. She was too self-centered to appreciate that gift. As she grows older by the day in prison, she will realize it some day what a precious gift she had & that will just eat away at her...
    Also, there's a better chance of conviction with life without parole and just for little Caylee. Putting Casey to death will not teach her anything. Taking away the very "freedom" she was seeking will be most appropriate.

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