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Who Should Be Yahoo's Next CEO?

Posted 9 years.


  • Paul - 9 years ago

    Andreesen was a great "early" stage CEO. Yahoo is in a different phase and a turnaround CEO is exactly what is needed. If this turnaround CEO works out, a new CEO will follow shortly thereafter for future growth. The ideal candidate is not listed here.

  • steve - 9 years ago

    Yahoo can benefit from a killer product executive. They need to figure out how to integrate, cut, and innovate on their offerings for their amazing audiences. Someone who fundamentally understands internet culture, apps, systems and someone who has a vision for the web. Mark Andreesen could be that person.

  • Sramana Mitra - 9 years ago

    Yahoo needs a turnaround CEO like Mark Hurd at HP. Not Hurd himself, but someone who has those qualities. If Heidrick does its job right, they should come up with a fresh face who most likely isn't on anybody's radar currently. That's what Russell Reynolds did with Hurd.

  • TCCritic - 9 years ago

    Michael Arrington should be their next CEO

    1. He hated Jerry Yang
    2. He knows one or two things about technology
    3. It would get it to stop posting every day about Schmoogle

    Vote for Mike

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