I am a photography teacher at Topeka West High School in Topeka, KS. This is my 14th year of teaching and I am also the chairperson of the art department. I have just created my first blog and am looking for ways to make the blog more engaging for my students. I thought I would check out this site and see how the polling works on the blog.

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Who's reading the Photosynthesis blog?

Posted 9 years.


  • Ashley Danielsen - 7 years ago

    Hey Mr. Berryman! I picked non-West affiliation, since that's what I technically am after transferring. Either way, I really enjoy the blog, and the photographs are simply amazing!

  • Jessica McCarter - 8 years ago


    Stopping by, because i'm bored. (:
    so be happy! but don't get too excited.

    You should really stop giving me
    weird looks in your class.. :D

  • Nichole Muthoni-jaqueline Karungu - 9 years ago

    hey berryman!!! just letting you know that i am actually paying attention in your class. lol and this is a cool way to get students interested in photography!

  • Vicky Phelps - 9 years ago

    Hey Berryman! Just checking out the website. It looks great!

  • Grace Elizabeth Phelps Hyphen Roper - 9 years ago

    Hey Mr. Beryman! I tried to cheat and keep voting for photo 1 students because you said none of us were checking out your website. The bad news is that you can only vote once, so no cheating here. :[

  • Shon Daniels - 9 years ago

    I accidentally hit the wrong one...... I meant to put T-West faculty/staff. Anyway, just thought you should know it's a vote for teachers.... :)

  • Brittany Osborne - 9 years ago

    Hey Mr. Berryman I wasn't sure how to vote so I just put Advanced Photography Student. haha

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