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Vote for the most loathsome creature of 2008

Posted 9 years.


  • fidothedog - 9 years ago

    It had to be Gordon as he is a cunt.

  • alastair - 9 years ago

    got to be ballsup for what he is doing to the education system

  • The Ancient - 9 years ago

    It was difficult, the following tied...

    Gordon "Saviour" Brown
    Lord Mincybottom of Spiteful
    Beast of Clerkenwell after one pint of "Fruit" beer in Tuscany
    Jacqui "I can have you killed, fucker" Smith
    Hazel "Sex Dwarf" Blears
    Ed "No" Balls
    Kerry "huh?" McCarthy, Lab, Mogadishu East
    Anyone who voted Labour at Glenrothes
    Gorbals "Ordure, Ordure" Mick
    The French

    But it had to be the bastard who stole all my savings in the end.


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