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With the print media crashing and digital technology taking over, would you buy and read eBooks online?

Posted 9 years.

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  • Theo - 9 years ago

    For what it's worth, I'm not a huge fan of eBooks because (1) reading documents onscreen is hard on my eyes and I have to do that ten hours a day at work already and (2) eBooks aren't very portable (unless they're on Kindle). I don't take my computer everywhere I go, so the idea of a book that I can only read on the computer (and with these more restrictive setups, only on the computer where I originally downloaded it) doesn't appeal to me very much. I realize that that's for the author's protection, and I respect and support that, but the minimal price differential between it and a hard copy book doesn't seem to acknowledge all the things you can't do with eBooks (loan it to a friend, stick it in your bag and go). So I'll stick with paper until they do away with it entirely.

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