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Select the New logo (Poll Closed)

  • Maple Leaf Flag Logo
    74 votes

  • Past PM Banner
    76 votes


Posted 9 years.


  • Red Tory - 9 years ago

    Not much of a resolution here.

  • penlan - 9 years ago

    I voted for the maple leaf logo but now prefer the PM's one. So, if you were to remove my vote then the votes would be even. ;)

  • James Curran - 9 years ago

    That's alright. It was our first.

  • Jennifer Smith - 9 years ago

    I guess I missed that poll. At any rate, I'm not sure we can use the previous PMs banner now since Liblogs seem to have adopted a similar one. Buggers.

  • James Curran - 9 years ago

    The first poll last week cam down to these two. The scratch one is still in use on almost everyone's blog. Everyone is welcom to use whichever they prefer. They all have a link to the aggregator.

  • Jennifer Smith - 9 years ago

    How did we come down to these two? I much preferred the red and grey version with the ratty font I have on my sidebar.

  • 1 Anxious Liberal - 9 years ago

    Sorry, both set of fonts have shadows but one is more prominent and to the right the other is more subtle and to the bottom. Still very distorting.

  • 1 Anxious Liberal - 9 years ago

    I like the PM banner, but a banner will be hard to put on my blog. And the flag logo will not do at all. The flag itself is warped out of shape. The text is in two different fonts, two different colours and some of the text has shadows while others do not. If it wins then it should be the concept that wins and then follow it up with a whole lot of polishing up to make it look better.

  • James Curran - 9 years ago

    Crystal, haven't all the PMs in the country been white men? Conservative or Liberal?

  • MoS - 9 years ago

    James, I'm for the past PMs. Today especially, Libs need to be reminded of our past, our great leaders and what they did and stood for. There was a time when ideals and principle mattered and, until that ethos is restored, the Libs are in for a bad time indeed.

  • Chrystal Ocean - 9 years ago

    Am not a member of LiberalsOnline, so my opinion on this may not matter, but ... While the portrait banner is attractive - the black and white particularly so - I wouldn't vote for it. The last thing the Libs need is to remind voters that all but one of their leaders have been white men.

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