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Which is the best web- based email service?

Posted 9 years.


  • Margaret McCann - 8 months ago

    This comment section is completely irrelevant. The comments are ALL SIX TO EIGHT YEARS OLD and none of the services are what they were, none of them. They have all gotten worse in my opinion and are not as user-friendly. I used to be able to create my own email stationary with nothing but the controls in the program itself. Today I have to go hunting through the internet to find email stationary or look to see if Outlook Express even exists anymore.

  • Ana - 5 years ago

    I have been using Gmail for years, and it's always been fine, but I've begun having problems with it, and Google support is/should be notorious for its inaccessability. I'm looking to switch providers. I find that I can't use any Google services any longer, because of my own experiences with them (to date, I have had three Gmail accounts lost because of some strange error, and each contained important data) and the changes that are happening within Google. I've lost my respect for it.

    Basically, if you have anything on your email that you don't want to lose, back it up or DON'T USE GMAIL. There is absolutely no "support".

  • nascar - 6 years ago

    So, as in my opinion Gmail is the best for any occation and for any user. It also has themes feature which other email services haven't.
    Yahoo is bit of faster than gmail.
    Hotmail has very nice interface but it is so i'm going with gmail.

  • Nickolos Hunt - 7 years ago

    I think that there is no such question what is the best email because gmail is obviously the best.

  • jscottu - 7 years ago

    The interval at which you need to check your free email account to keep it from falling dormant and being automatically discontinued, cancelled or even deleted varies from service to service. Here are the log-on requirements of the most prominent:
    •Windows Live Hotmail: 120 days (cancel manually)
    •Yahoo! Mail: 4 months (cancel manually)
    •Gmail: 9 months (cancel manually)
    •AIM and AOL Mail: 30 days (cancel manually)
    •GMX Mail: 6 months
    • 3 months
    •Gawab: 60 days
    •FastMail Guest Account: 45 days
    •BigString: 60 days
    •My Way Mail: 60 days
    •Bluebottle: 90 days
    •Zoho Mail: does not expire

  • ashish - 7 years ago

    no doubt yahoo is excellent with service but i want to ask gmail is just 3 year old and with in 3 years it's too much populer .... and many one using gmail and manyone change his or her main account others to gmail... this is true then there is something cool in gmail na that's y it's giving competition to yahoo...
    me also shifted my account yahooo to gmail. the GUI of gmail is too clear and easy to use from yahoo new GUI.
    now i am a person who is new in internet is making his id in gmail not in yahoo...why??

  • PHP tutorial - 7 years ago

    I vote for gmail

  • MANICKAM - 7 years ago

    Gmail is the best mail service comparing to yahoo ,hotmail,rediffmail.Gmail is very fast and no of users are very high.

  • Alan - 7 years ago

    Gmail has free IMAP. Neither Yahoo nor Hotmail offer IMAP, let alone free IMAP. Additionally, I'm an iPhone user and I use the Thunderbird email client. Gmail and its address book work beautifully with iPhone, because contacts are synchronized automatically between my iPhone, the Gmail web interface, and the address book in Thunderbird. If I update something on one interface, it's automatically updated to the others. I also user Google Reader, Google Calendar and Google Maps, so working with those apps, including forwarding interesting articles and map links to friends is easy, because they all share my Google contacts list. Plus, I love Gmail's interface (simple and clean) and mostly, I LOVE the conversation view.

    Google's strength, and hence the attractiveness of Gmail, is that they have made all of the their "apps" work together sharing the address book and other common elements, AND they have made them cross-platform in terms of how you connect. If either Yahoo or Hotmail made my life this easy and had free IMAP, address book syncing and calendar syncing, maybe I could be convinced to switch. In these respect, both of the alternatives are "non-starters".

  • Murugesh - 8 years ago

    gmail is the best and it'll be....

  • Max Balboa - 8 years ago

    Yahoo is great. All of them are. Yahoo looks pretty, but being pretty doesn't mean best. Its UI adds a bloated feeling when using it.

    I use yahoo for personal stuff. From hotmail, I now use Gmail for Business and official stuff.

    Gmail gives me the professional feeling. My co leagues, my boss, even my clients from a big company uses gmail.

    Gmail also has the hands down best spam filter. I almost forgot that there's a spam folder in gmail.

    Best of all, gmail gives free POP and IMAP service so that you can use your gmail account with any email client.
    Unlike yahoo, you have to cheat their email service through http/localhost trick just to use it with an email client, using a 3rd party utility.

  • sree - 8 years ago

    I use all 3 of them. Now using gmail regularly. Some features are very helpfull. 1. Labels (Creating rule just like in Out Look) which both of other 2 dont have. We can create folders and move emails to those in other 2 mails. I use this feature extensively.

    Google Sync with Blackberry is very usefull.

    Themes!!. Personally I found this interesting as I have choosen option Random. Every time I log in I see new themes in In box which is gives me good feeling.

    Also it is on HTTPS (Option)- High security. We can see from where all IP Addresses last few log ins are made which gives us fair idea whether un authorized logins are taking place.

    Pros: Lot of short cuts in Gmail (Not easy to remember). I am not sure whether I am right or not, I dont like email conversation to be linked ( It will be very helpfull if some one can advice me process to disable that feature)

    Yahoo- NotePad feature is very helpfull (We can use it as personal dairy with day 2 day details etc ) . Can open any new notepads and name them according to our wish.

    Hotmail introduced lot of new features too, did not explore that much to comment.

  • Shripad - 8 years ago

    I voted for gmail. The best one email service

  • Rozi - 8 years ago

    I have a g-mail and a Yahoo account! Now I love Google as my Search engine. But when it comes to mail Yahoo is light-years ahead! I don't have a Hotmail, But between Yahoo and g-mail. Yahoo Just have so much more functionality!

  • Mohan - 8 years ago

    I voted for yahoo, but gmail alsovery very good.

  • Melson - 8 years ago

    Hotmail is the very very best. It is super organized and is made even better with new Windows 7. I'm Melson, I'm a PC and Hotmail is my favourite.

  • rea - 8 years ago

    uhm.......well . 4 me yahoo is best , that all!

  • Iqbal ILLUR - 8 years ago

    GMAIL is the best and am pretty much happy with the site.

  • Ronnie - 8 years ago

    Yahoo and Hotmail combiningly cannot even compete with GMAIL... You guys who use email services from yahoo! and HOTMAIL don't even know the features that an email service has to provide... I have all of the three EMAIL accounts and I use all of them daily basis... GMAIL has multiple file uploading feature that is missing in yahoo! as well as in HOTMAIL... Who told you that GMAIL is slower than yahoo!??? GMAIL is faster than any other email services...

  • Hari - 8 years ago

    Yahoo is good but search option is good in GMail.

  • tgp - 8 years ago

    Yahoo is a good one, but they doesn't have free pop3 nor imap access. Sorry, gmail is the best.

  • lovish - 8 years ago

    gmail is best \
    although yahomail is good but
    it hangs many times and sometimes really slow than no option for basic html view like that in gmail.....

    also lots of memory provided and really user friendly and easy to use
    soo gmail is realy best rite now..

  • Wasantha Wijerathne - 8 years ago

    I using gmail since 2007. I never had any problem at all. i also have yahoo mail address too, but it lack in anti spam. every day i receive 10 spam msg.. average.

  • Mac - 8 years ago

    I have a gmail and a yahoo account. The yahoo account constantly allows spam to enter the inbox, whereas gmail filters it all flawlessly.

  • sanjay - 8 years ago

    gmail is the best coz it has so many features...viz documents, labs--which itself has so many features. it reminds u to attch a file if u have mentioned in mail that ur attcahin one bt forgot, also it cancels sending mail for upto 5 secs. which other mail service does that?

    GMAIL is has killed....mauled others

  • Isha - 8 years ago

    I hv used both GMail & Yahoo services. But gmail is easier to use & Yahoo is fun to play with. But one downside about that forced me to vote for GMAIL is if an gmail account is not used for long, its does not get deleted by itself, ur mails are secure there, which can not be told about YAHOO. I lost some of my important mails recently as I hv not used my yahoo id for long. ItS reALLY A DOWNSIDE OF YAHOO that outweighs its every other facilities (FOR me at least).

  • Ram - 8 years ago

    GMail Best since 2005

    Also Google products and services very nice...

  • sabri - 8 years ago

    yahoooooooo is the best and the best and the beeeeeeeeeeest

  • zaak - 8 years ago

    gmail is d best

  • Sumesh Babu R - 8 years ago

    Gmail is the best

  • lakshmi - 8 years ago

    ya gmail is bst and Gmail makes locating messages so easy that you'll never need to shuffle mail in your inbox again. Besides offering an entirely new way of reading and tracking messages, Gmail includes over 5 GB of storage is bst mail.

  • Jerry - 8 years ago

    I have used hotmail ever since we have been on internet, I would say maybe 1996. Had maybe two major problems over that time. Have lost all contacts twice and during 2009 hotmail removed the attachment for downloading photos and minimising them, however, alot of people were very very unhappy, it seemed to just disappear overnight. However, it also reappeared overnight. I never saw any information about this feature's reinstatement but I have to say I am so happy it is back as it makes sending copies of photos so easy and user friendly and of course keeps the size of attachments small. Certainly if one is travelling and moving around alot then I think it is essential to have a web based email address. I did have a yahoo address for a while but stopped using it. I do not know what one of the above comments was referring to in saying that hotmail does not have any chat. I automatically sign in to msn messenger ever time I go on computer and many of my friends are on it and I find it a great way to communicate. One can also make calls and have webcam and video, so I think the writer of that comment knows little or nothing about what is available with hotmail. I can also leave messages for my friends when they are offline and when they sign in next time my message is delivered to them. I certainly would recommend hotmail but wish they did not upgrade it and change it so often! It can be a bit tricky finding one's way around when they force one to have an upgrade of Messenger etc. I think alot of the above comments are not really valid as they have not been well supported. However, I do agree that one gets used to whichever service one uses and then the others seem difficult/complicated!

  • Strawberry Short cake - 8 years ago

    1) Ever growing storage (can u believe that?)
    2) Page customization (its looks much bettter than looks dry)
    3) Advanced features

  • lime and lemons - 8 years ago

    Popcorn u r correct is awsome! pwns all!

  • Chiki_Baanis - 8 years ago

    Yahoo is the best...

  • Abdelrahman - 8 years ago

    gmail is the best it doesn't have advertisements like yahoo and hotmail and it is the best because google made it.

  • shiva - 8 years ago

    Google simply the Best..

  • alfred - 8 years ago

    Gmail is the great for me

  • Swapnali - 8 years ago

    Gmail is the best email server.

  • h - 8 years ago

    YAHOO! is the best

  • Rad - 8 years ago

    Yahoo puts advertisements on the bottom of you email if you send an email to anyone outside of yahoo. Plus their site is all cluttered and you have to pay for simple things like forwarding (same for hotmail).

    Google did everything right, and has the absolute best spam filter hands down ANYWHERE, and they offer all of their services for free.

    Of course my mother uses yahoo and won't change. She thinks her avatar is cute, so I suppose if you're a woman in your late 40's Yahoo will seem better than gmail.

  • Joseph M. Gatwis - 8 years ago

    I have two(2) email accounts Juno & Yahoo, I like Juno because you can download you mail and answer it offline. But it can get flaky at times.
    Won't let you download or send large files etc. Has lots of storage also.

    But Yahoo is very good and trouble free for the moxt part. It needs to offer

    Gmail won't let me open an account for some reason.

  • Ramesh J - 8 years ago

    Gmail is great. I love gmail because there is no disturbance by ads and all operation are very fast.

  • shahzad - 8 years ago

    Yahoo mail is the best i found . especially new changes introduce by yahoo are marvelous

  • hossien - 8 years ago

    اريدemalعلي al

  • ??????? - 8 years ago

    Gmail is the best! yahoo sounds stupid and hotmail can't do chat
    if any one votes for yahoo and hotmail they are stupid and can't anser a
    1 plus 1 math question. I enjoy Gmail so sooooooooooooo much.
    thanks to google.stupid hotmail and yahoo creaters

  • Markus - 8 years ago

    Hotmail & Yahoo are about the same. Gmail is complete garbage. You guys need to use Gmail more before u start saying its the best. I used Gmail for over a year but stopped using it because when u send emails using Gmail it lands in recipients bulk folder at least 50% of the time. Half the ppl I emailed using Gmail would never even see my emails as they automatically delete their bulk folder as must of us do


  • cs - 8 years ago

    Gmail is best ...
    It gives faster responses, best user popup alerts, provides best service to me!!

  • nick - 8 years ago

    hi I think Gmail is great! I like it tat you can do chat and other things!

  • Ramesh prabhu J - 8 years ago

    Gmail mail is the best web based e-mail service. I am enjoying it too too too too much. Thanks to google.

  • vellingigi - 8 years ago

    i think Rediffmail is the best one... than other mail services.. because my girl friend is always prefer tat oly.........

  • Nicholus Muema - 8 years ago

    woh for sure gmail is the hottest of all.Its the quickest in search and keeps the crowd for live.

  • Gmail is good website.Hassan/asim - 8 years ago

    Gmail is best everytime.

  • palanivelrajan - 8 years ago

    hey gmail is the best one...
    its very much user friendly

  • habin - 8 years ago

    i think yahoomail is can take in mobile also is very fast..and it have many short cuts ...also i don't think gmail has it..

  • Suman - 8 years ago


    That will help the administrator and users to decide why a particular mail service is good or poor. DONT SIMPLY SAY A SERVICE IS BEST OR WORST!!

    As far as I am concerned, I like gmail because of its ease of use and many options it provides to use it as professional a/c. Yahoo also improved a lot in recent times like adding chat in email, making new folders and moving mails to them......

  • lomez - 8 years ago

    spam on gmail huh ^^ ... XD

  • monique - 8 years ago

    hotmail is da best b@$#es!!

  • jeyaraj - 8 years ago

    g-mail is the best one.

  • Tashfique - 8 years ago

    i dont know why people dont try hotmail,it is the best nd will remain the best!!!

  • GmailVoter - 8 years ago

    with lots of ads and other unrelated item..
    yahoo cause massive information loads on users,
    pretty much annoying actually

  • Ashish - 8 years ago


  • hira - 8 years ago

    gmail is best

  • enemuo ebuka - 8 years ago

    believe me, it is YAHOO forever......

  • Tanisha - 8 years ago

    gmail rocks ...

  • haah - 8 years ago

    i luv yahoo!! hotmail is gay and gmail is not what i like so i use yahoo verizon for business my acting life and music its help on the go thanks yahoo!
    I HATE HOTMAIL SUCKS ADD I tell ya :D and gmail its alright but not for me you no =/. Yahoo by itself is different kus I use the professinal one and that good so thats why its good to get internet from verizon to block those ads and get lots of cool stuff!

    I only have Yahoo and Mail right now :D

  • R.P. Singh - 8 years ago

    Simply, Gmail rocks....
    Gmail is so simple to use and most advanced. Nice interface. Y!mail is full of ads only. Also, Gmail is giving free access to POP and IMAP whereas yahoo does not. These are the basic features that everyone requires...

  • Golak - 8 years ago

    gmail is the best

  • salah - 8 years ago

    Gmail is the best web based mail... especially after google ended it's Beta version and started

  • Madan Gopal - 8 years ago

    Gmail is best but i face 2 problem in this 1) There have no html editor for signature. and 2) In this we does not send maximum attachment size file.

  • Peter - 8 years ago

    I have accounts on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and see all of them, I found GMAIL THE BEST SERVICE.. Always never got any issue and secondly ranked is hotmail but yahoo is the worst email service....

    Yahoo is alive only becoz of its messenger, no other things are being used.. They should care of these things and improve the quality services as Gmail


  • Cecil - 8 years ago

    I have always used yahoo and I have no complaints about it. However, being a user in one email service does not make one an expert in others, does it now?

  • Dinesh - 8 years ago

    i like gmail,bco'z it has greate capacity to attach files n i alway send more n more attached so like this .

  • Naresh - 8 years ago

    Gmail is the best email service

  • Raj Parihar - 8 years ago

    Gmail Is The Best.

  • Nidhi - 8 years ago

    Gmail is the best of all i have used till now....thr gmail we can access orkut,picasa n more....even fast n easily understandable.....yes but during attchment it takes some times.....

  • Srinivas - 8 years ago

    Gmail is the best mail, every thing available in google.
    i like google....!
    During some Attachments to mail it take sevaral time

  • oasis - 8 years ago

    think im gona have to go with Hotmail. I have all 3 email addresses and hotmail is the one i use the most

  • Taylor - 8 years ago

    gmail rocks for me because even though I just made mine yesterday it still rocks for me. It's all thanks to destany liston because she is the one who told me about gmail!! thanks destany!!!=D

  • taylor - 8 years ago

    gmail rocks the world!!!!!!!! =D

  • Manish Deshmukh - 8 years ago

    Yahoomail is the best mail server i ever seen in my life (i.e. i've been using since 10-12 years). Actually, gmail is better in case where we have to attach a higher size file in less time, but i dont like the folder structure/hirarchy of gmail. In yahoo, we can create folders and send the items into it and save it safely for long time. Same case with chat, yahoo messenger is fantastic chat option than gmail. It has many great features which are not in gmail. Gmail chat is also good, but not much than yahoo! I liked one thing in Gmail i.e. we can able to start chatting right away after logging into gmail, which i think yahoo is recently updating the same...

  • cloud - 8 years ago

    I think to each his own, because for me the best is HOTMAIL. Great features, no downloading, that waste our time.

  • Bkash - 8 years ago

    yahoo is the best

  • Mukoro Ogheneochuko Otis - 8 years ago

    Yahoo is the best. It is faster, better, convinient and earsier. It loads in sprint seconds with less icons. Yahoo chat offers a great variety of opportunities. Go ahead and enjoy yourself in a world of YAHOO.

  • kUMARESH - 8 years ago

    GMAIL is the best. Basic thing for a email and internet users is "Speed". Gmail loads in seconds where as Yahoo and Hotmail have huge number of icons and images which will take ages to load. And the chat has been introduced by gmail in the mail itself. And a gmail id is worth for orkut, youtube, analytics, blogspot and much more.

    So enjoy surfing with google Faster way of communicating......................

  • Sreekanth - 8 years ago

    Gmail is best..... It has more advanced features not available in others. Its updating with generation...

    others emails services are mostly copied the features from gmail or implemented after the gamil introducing....

  • arif - 8 years ago

    I have been using internet more than 7 years and tried so many email services but yahoo is the simple, interesting, easiest and the best. Though gmail and hotmail are also good but I like YAHOO. It is also fact which I have seen that every one has atleast 4 to 5 accounts / email ids (in average) but whenever one connects to internet he or she logs to yahoo first and then to other email services. In short I prefer YAHOO and it is the only YAHOO which responds to errors immediately and advise you to rectify the errors in a very simple manner. And you cannot do it yourself, you have to just send the error code and the problem will be solved within minutes. I never disappointed with yahoo. THAT'S WHY I SAY Y A H O O IS THE B E S T and its services are outstanding.
    Friday: 24 July, 2009

  • izhar - 8 years ago


  • Ezhil - 8 years ago

    yahoo is the best

  • Nazar - 8 years ago

    Best the best gmail

  • Anon - 8 years ago

    +1 to gmail. In yahoo, 15-20% part is occupied by Ads. and that's annoying.

  • Petru - 8 years ago

    (At moment of writing)
    Yahoo! Mail 26%
    Gmail 54%
    Hotmail 21%
    Mr Administrator :
    does 26 adding 54 and 21 equals 100 :)?
    gmail +1

  • popcorn - 8 years ago

    none of you know what your talking about. HOTMAIL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shavy@yahoo - 8 years ago

    all are alike

  • Daniel - 8 years ago

    Gmail is the best one.

  • Lisa - 8 years ago

    i think all of them are ok.

  • Padma - 8 years ago

    I find yahoo mail service the best.No doubt that goole has other features but it lacks the basic stuff.It has labels but no concept of folders which is very much required.
    If a mail is forwarded, then the replies to that get appended to the original.the option has to be given to the user whether one wants it or not .

  • Really yahoo the best in email service
    just for the sake of GOOGLE
    gmail came into existence

    East or West
    My yahoo is the best

  • shraddha - 8 years ago

    gmail is the best. It best for official work. Gmail is very good becoz a lot function and easiest to operate!!!
    it provides very good service than others URL

  • afjal patel - 8 years ago

    i vote for yahoo. It has all the things that I like. I am sure many will agree with me. and It best for official work. there is no alternative of it.

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