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In episode 5x12 of Lost, Dead Is Dead, who deserves an award for showing good character?

Posted 9 years.


  • Harriet - 9 years ago

    Like any great parent, Penny will sacrifice herself for her child if necessary. About Ben, how can I put this diplomatically? BEN IS EVIL! Hard to believe how many people are willing to give him a pass on the multiple murders he has committed, just because he does apparently have genuine love for Alex and regret for allowing her to be murdered. Ben, are you sorry for slaughtering your own people in the Looking Glass station? Are you sorry for killing your own father, who was mean but certainly committed no capital crime? Are you sorry for ordering your men to kill any Flight 815ers who got in their way when they went to kidnap all the women? Sorry for ordering all of the hits Sayid carried out? Sorry for killing unarmed Caeser? And so on...

  • Tinythebodyguard - 9 years ago

    I have to go with Penny cause I just cant give Ben a character award, he's to shady! Even though I think just about any mother would put their child before themselves.

  • Angela - 9 years ago

    It brought tears to my eyes when Penny didn't beg for her own life, but for her son's. I saw Ben in a new light with this episode, especially since he seems to have enough of a heart to value the lives of children in the mercy he showed to Rousseau and Penny because of their children, but definitely Penny won the week for me!

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