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If ever the Mirotic in Malaysia concert pushes through, which month would you like it to be so that you can attend?

Posted 9 years.


  • Ilya Syiqreen - 8 years ago

    i would like to watch their concert in November because November is my birthday and PMR already past! yeah, I want to join and have some fun with their concert and performance

  • farhanah - 8 years ago

    dec/jan or jun/july for me pls..
    i only have time on those months..

  • wyendee - 8 years ago

    pls make it on nov~

  • Amiko - 8 years ago

    OMG! Dbsk can u pls come to Singapore!
    i wanna see ur concert..
    even if it is near examinations, i will rush there juz to see ur concert..
    Heart is for DBSK!
    Saranghaeyooh DBSK

  • uknowsaii - 8 years ago

    aigoo...make it on nov!!! i'm so dead wanted to meet yunho... shipshiyo!!!
    lastly,,, yunho oppa, saranghae

  • LEAA - 8 years ago

    i would like it on november. my exam should be finish that time. and i could travel to M'sia with my sister to attend the concert. :D

  • whiteisland - 8 years ago

    i think it should on late november n above cz mjoriti dbsk fans is student.Be rightful to make it on school holiday.But the cncert is confirm or not??till now i not hear any decision abt that,,

  • Anonymous - 8 years ago

    Preferably, November, because it's after Raya.
    Plus, it's on holiday, so I can fly to Malaysia.
    Please, just make it there, SM. ㅠ^ㅠ

  • fidodeefan - 8 years ago

    Preferably late in november....but dont rili care wat long as they're comin, will do whatever it takes to go!!!

  • ericadbsk - 8 years ago

    september pliss...!!!

  • Kira_18 - 8 years ago

    Well December is definitely the best month.. SPM students and U students will be able to make it.. unless you're forced to go for NS.. :/

  • chieMinnie - 8 years ago

    please make it on late november...
    after the final exam maybe i can attend beside i won't go back home at that month.

  • SilentPeanut - 8 years ago

    pls make it on late november...cause it's the school holidays...

  • jaejoongie_love - 8 years ago

    please make it december.........because i have spm in november...

  • lorelle - 8 years ago

    please either sept or early oct november we're having our exams...would really love to see them

  • Rossax0xHeroJae - 8 years ago

    Omg PLS MAKE IT IN NOV!! that's the best month so far i have at least 2 weeks hols!! oh pls pls pls let it be november

  • maxshi18 - 8 years ago

    do it in november.... make it in school holiday.... ^___^

  • siyoung - 8 years ago

    when they having the 2nd concert, i having my spm too...but i did go for their concert(ps.i'm not fr kl)....jus 1 day only(the most oso 1 n half day)...n most probably is on sat....u still hav sun to revise.....jus start study now.....if u show a good results to ur parents no...they will let u go for the concert if the concert really in nov....maybe can let ur parents know how tvxq encourage u to study well also...i think tat day many spm students went for concert too....let's fighting together to make the concert held succesfully!!before o during the concert.....tvxq fighting...uknow yunho fighting...choikang changmin fighting....yongwoung jaejoong fighting...mickey yuchon fighting...xiah junsu fighting!!!!!!!!!!cassiopeia fighting!!!!!

  • Carine - 8 years ago

    Whatever for long as they come..I sure will go...~haha

  • AdY - 8 years ago

    I think November? Since I could collect enough money to go. =) But better if after Raya I think.

  • syazzie - 8 years ago

    please!!!!! if you could make it on DECEMBER~~~

    well, simply because SPM is in NOV!

    i wana go so badly. when they made the concert in 2007, i was having my PMR! sooooo unlucky~

  • PeggyLovesJaeJae - 8 years ago

    I'd prefer for the concert to be in Sept/ Oct coz I'll be having exams early Dec. :) DBSK HAS TO COME TO MSIA!!! Dying to see them!

  • PeggyLovesJaeJae - 8 years ago

    I'd prefer for the concert to be in Sept/ Oct coz I'll be having exams early Dec. :) DBSK HAS TO COME TO MSIA!!! Dying to see them!

  • Ita - 8 years ago

    Well, I prefer those guys come here in November. Actually I don't mind at all, any month will do, as long as they are 100% agree to come down here. Can't wait to hear the good news....

  • jihyo - 8 years ago


  • Daphne Lau - 8 years ago

    late november,and i hope the performance venues is indoor,not too large,and it can accommodate about 10,000 person.

  • Zarrie - 8 years ago

    Please have it in mid October or mid December for SPM 2009's candidates' sake. We would also like to join in the fun with the rest when DBSK come without affecting our studies.

  • Camoon - 8 years ago

    Please do it at November,i think this month uni student and secondary school student already in holiday.Hope that TVXQ have a concert at Malaysia,I really HOPE that!

  • sheepyaries - 8 years ago

    whenever except beginning of september..

  • hui - 8 years ago


  • Haruno - 8 years ago

    Please do it on October
    i need to come there.
    its my dream to meet them ^_^~

  • shwulih - 8 years ago

    y only this 3 month?? i nid to exam SPM
    i think still got many cassiopeia nid to exam spm
    really hope them can come

  • shinnro - 8 years ago

    the best time is november aa~
    that time i just finish my exam~

    hope that they will come..................

  • joey0913 - 8 years ago

    NOV is good !!! because i can have more time to save money !!! hehe

  • suet li - 8 years ago

    i hope is on november.. but if it is after SPM is better.. cuz i'm having SPM this year.. TT

  • TVXQ FANS - 8 years ago

    really hope that tvxq can come malaysia have their live tour...

  • YUMI - 8 years ago


  • wEiWEi - 8 years ago

    i hope is late Nov.. or Dec...coz that time is skul holidays~
    i will very hapi if tvxq come 2 m' sia ^^haha^^Gambateh!!!

  • choong xianhui - 8 years ago

    i think i'm flexible to eithier option available...just promise,they really come here...oh god...wahaha ^^

  • michelle - 8 years ago

    pls make in Sept as Sept is my B-day mth if they could make it in Sept that would be my greatest gift ~! have my fingers crossed hope they can come...

  • michelle - 8 years ago

    pls make in Sept as Sept is my B-day mth if they could make it in Sept that would be my greatest gift ~! have my fingers crossed hope they can come...

  • Hm luv JS - 8 years ago

    i hope it can make it late Nov..
    or Dec...
    =(..i have to sit for government's exam on nov n dec..='(...

  • cassiopeiayc - 8 years ago

    pls hav da concert at the end of November. better is after 20 November. if really at after 20 November, i sure can go.

  • Ling - 8 years ago

    i hope that the concert will be held on october..
    coz if november...we going to face SPM...then i cant go watch the concert..T-T

  • Monkey91217 - 8 years ago

    really hoping tat malaysia is one stop for the concert.
    i'll be sure of attending the concert whenever i can!!
    i'm n going to miss it!!

  • snowy - 8 years ago

    MUST have it!
    Dong bang shin ki!
    im waiting for YOU all!!!


  • SuShan - 8 years ago

    Hope SM agree!!!
    Hope Shinki will come here do ConCert!!!
    Hope all is True!!!!

  • 8897yunjae - 8 years ago


  • Js - 8 years ago

    I want November...bcz tis is school holiday

  • ahbo - 8 years ago


  • Elainetan - 8 years ago

    why so late d leh?
    i have to face Spm examination leh
    nevermind la
    i think held in september is better lo

  • wakana - 8 years ago

    plz in september.... cause that is the only time of the year that i can go to the concert. My two sis and i will only be able to be in malaysia during that time since we are studying in other places (UK and egypt).....

  • kuek - 8 years ago

    can it on december~~~??
    i really really hope them come malaysia!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caryn - 8 years ago

    I vote for Nov, preferably late Nov because i'm a university student currently studying in Australia, and it is impossible for me to go back home in Sept or Oct... I think Nov is a much better time since its the time most uni students who are overseas have their year end hols.

    Sorry for the SPM students but what I can say is, the concert is for one night only, and you guys are already in Msia to start with, so I don't see why you guys can't take a day's break off studying and go for the concert...

    I wasn't a TVXQ fan back during the 1st and 2nd con so yea... I missed out and really hope to watch their concert in Msia... (I became a fan a month after their 2nd con... so sad TT)

    Actually i know that many Singapore and Indonesian fans are willing to travel to Malaysia to watch their concert as opposed to travelling to Thailand, because it is nearer and they are no language barriers. Er also because its more peaceful...? lol.

    If i may ask, who will be bringing them in if this happens? Cos I heard that the top 2 event managing company's in Msia won't be bringing them in... (CMG definitely won't bring them in i heard...doubt Galaxy will as well cos their market is more on chinese and english singers..)

  • tvxq4eva - 8 years ago

    MAN! just so good to here that they're coming...but PEOPLE....please think for SPM students!!!!! SPM!!!!!! is on Nov-Dec!!!!!! September will be good for everyone...really...SEPTEMBER....please be considerate!!!!! thanks....XD

  • EMOMUN - 8 years ago


  • sushan - 8 years ago

    how long we wait tis time
    hope it is a miracle
    make it true

  • Sushan - 8 years ago

    hope at september or november
    bcause hv holidays
    and wish all the spm can go together

  • TVXQ-fong - 8 years ago

    wo ji shi dou ke yi!zhi yao shen qi lai jiu ke yi le !bai tuo o!xie le!

  • xiahtic - 8 years ago

    we muz go their concert tis time !!!! giv a special event to them,to make them remember malaysia !!!!

  • jaejae - 8 years ago

    if it's true...i 100% must go n see them..... im now very excited !!!!!hahaha
    hope it's true, n all the cassiopiea ,we must join this party 2gether,it will be very fun n happy !!!!!
    God plzzzzzzz ^^ hope hope hope ....

  • von - 8 years ago

    please come~i hope the concert can held in november~please

  • von - 8 years ago

    please come to malaysia
    we all hope to see the concert

  • yevon - 8 years ago

    actually nov and sept also not bad... cuz no exam...
    but I think sept is better cuz those SPM students stand a chance to watch it...
    for your information, SPM exam will start on nov... so ya...
    and I dont think oct is a good choice...because it is a EXAM month...
    normally schools will have their final exam on that month...^^...
    anyway...sept and nov are just perfect for us...
    really hope that TVXQ can come to malaysia...
    and cassiopeia are always there to wait for Shinki arrival!!!
    aza aza Hwaiting!! ^^

  • suyeong - 8 years ago

    I choose November~
    i dont wanna mis their concert again!!!!
    love all the cassiopeia~~Aza Aza Fighting~~

  • angie - 8 years ago

    i hope that they will come in middle of December....

  • me - 8 years ago

    Hope some1 will read this,
    early september is not suitable at all since it's holy ramadhan, i think the govt seldom approved concert on that month, and tvxq also has some malay fans, Raya gonna be on 20 & 21 sept, so for sept the most suitable date is from 24th onwards, for me anytime from 24th sept onwards is ok, but for suggestion late nov or early dec (if can), to avoid the pmr and spm dates

  • MaY - 8 years ago

    hope that concert will in late november,cuz my sister oso hv spm.If could,december will be perfect.

  • ashiq - 8 years ago

    lepas spm plis,december
    saya nak bulan disember jugak.

  • nadiazul - 8 years ago

    i love tvxq very much.
    pis make it in december.
    i dont wanna mis their concert!

  • cathamed - 8 years ago

    after spm plis. december.

  • kamEchaN - 8 years ago

    please late november...jOoNgie please come...uwaaa!!!late novemner after exam please....hohohohoho....can i kNow how many percent does this concert progressing?i duN waN to hope too high...sob3..hohohoho

  • tqah - 8 years ago

    make it in december plis.

  • kim93 - 8 years ago

    september pls

  • yoon - 8 years ago

    make it september pls...

  • yoon - 8 years ago

    make it september pls...

  • renji - 8 years ago


  • evelynn - 8 years ago

    I'm ok anytime, but my sis will have spm this year, if ever can on dec it'll be better, btw dont worry bout the attendance I can say myself as a new fans and I bet that Malaysia esp had gained many more fans from the last 1 and half year (since last time they had concert) I'm not yet fans that time neither my 3 friends and we even worried on how to get the best tic if it ever happen, from my side now tvxq had gained 4 new fans so approx. I think they gather 30% more msian fans than last year (It can be more than this)

  • ping - 8 years ago

    i thk late of nov is better.

  • Lynn - 8 years ago

    If they don't get to come here, more and more fans are going out to c them.
    instead of letting other countries earn the money, y not we earn it?
    if we wouldn't mind to pay for the air ticket to go to Korea, Japan, China or Thailand for their concerts, do you think we would miss their con in malaysia?
    and not only us, Cassiopeians from China, Thailand and even Korea and Japan also show their interests in attending the Msia y not we make it possible?

  • tae - 8 years ago

    pls do have tvxq concert nomatter wat time..
    novenber better,hehe
    but pls pls pls have it

  • Boring Gal - 8 years ago

    Anytime also can...but the most important is that day din't have school and having test...haha...we wait for them together~! GAMBATEH! I really hope that they can come...

  • sinying - 8 years ago

    i hope this is true....
    dont lie me....

  • yenn - 8 years ago

    Please bring our boys (TVXQ!) here!! I miss them~~ FIGHTING!! FIGHTING!!

  • ying - 8 years ago

    i don care dbsk which month come to malaysia.....i only hope this year they can come....i don want miss this concert...i very hope can see a mirotic concert.....but i know this year change is too small.......anywhere....dbsk hope u can in malaysia waiting forever

  • emm - 8 years ago

    actually its all ok but i prefer nov..n hope can go on with those spm students...

  • geraldina - 8 years ago

    Please let they come, I'm available anytime!! Hope to the end~

  • mun117 - 8 years ago

    i think before SPM better,november got start the SPM...september pls~

  • yunmei - 8 years ago

    please held it in late november..
    there will be more people free during that time..
    please bring TVXQ here.
    thanks so much.

  • janelynn - 8 years ago

    must be held at november~

  • mickyin - 8 years ago

    come at october..hehe ..coz my bday is on that month..wish tvxq will come malaysia to hv concert!!

  • baobaotvxq - 8 years ago

    really hope tvxq can come to malaysia!!

  • Minnie - 8 years ago

    pls bring TVXQ come to M'sia!!! We miss them so much... What month what day i also can attend, i sure go there to support TVXQ!!! TVXQ fighting~~~!!!

  • vera - 8 years ago

    pls come to malaysia...
    i've missed last two concert, so pls bring mirotic concert to malaysia...

  • smile TVXQ - 8 years ago

    i wish TVXQ will have their third concert in malaysia this year. i don't care which month they come. but must bring mirotic concert to malaysia. i missed the last two concert. so i will go this time. so pls have the concert in malaysia. thank you.

  • Lyuez - 8 years ago

    hope shinki can come malaysia。。。

  • loveuknow - 8 years ago

    pls let it in nov.....
    i really hope they can come here!!!

  • Jasylin - 8 years ago

    I hope it is on November because i having exam on September and October.
    Apparently ,november is school holiday, so i think Nov is much more suitable.

  • ~ying~ - 8 years ago

    hope tvxq can come here ah~`
    i dont care they will come on which month~~
    they will come is good!!!
    please give they come malaysia~~

  • JnJ - 8 years ago

    pls set it in November or later than November...
    dun set it in September or October...thk

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