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'Medium': Keep it or kill it?

Posted 9 years.


  • Jeny - 8 years ago

    Keep the show up. If you want to change it up let them move to San Diego. I can't believe they are cancelling it. One of the only shows I actually watch on NBC.

  • Blue - 9 years ago

    Medium is the best show on NBC. They keep canceling everything, down to 2 shows on there now. Keep this show and keep Joe in his boxers, thank you!

  • Nan - 9 years ago

    It's a cop show that's not just a cop show. A keeper, unless the writer's run out of good storylines.

  • Kansas - 9 years ago

    Worst Show Ever!!!!!

  • NaBa - 9 years ago

    I will not watch Leno, but will watch Medium. I love that a heroine can come in a differnt package other than a size 0!

  • S B. - 9 years ago

    PLEASE keep this show. Nobody likes Mondays, but because of Medium, I love them the most.

  • Craig Ronsmans - 9 years ago

    If it gets cancelled let it be because the ratings are bad not because they want to go with a cheaper to produced live veriaty show.

  • Mike Walton - 9 years ago

    Seriously one of the most creative shows on television. It's very real, all the way down to coupons on the fridge, grocery shopping, paying the bills and kids breakfast. I am personally not afraid of Joe in his underwear nor was I afraid in my family when my parents did it. Kids get screwed up all on their own sometimes, and I like how the kids on this show go through their own experiences. NBC needs to keep this one.

  • Darren Helmond - 9 years ago

    My wife and I tune in to this show week after week, year after year because it is a quality program - it presents well crafted plots of the mystery/suspense and whodunit genre, and most of all, a very accurate portrayal of 'real' family life. All characters are shown with faults, there are mistakes made by the parents and children alike, but they are dealt with in a very plausible manner, unlike some of the drivel that exists on TV today.

    I sincerely hope this program continues on - all too often I have seen quality programming ditched for the low brow, zero intellect reality programs or shows with more style over substance.
    To ditch this program would be a temendous loss indeed.

  • Kristy - 9 years ago

    I love this show and I hope it will be back for a whole year next season.

  • Kathy - 9 years ago

    One of my favorite shows. I hope the don't cancel it. There aren't that many shows on I watch anymore. Most of them are crap.

  • savanna - 9 years ago

    This is one of the best programs currently on TV. It has a devoted following who tune in year after year to watch the ongoing adventures of Allison, Joe and their family. A well acted, well produced show with an intriquing mystery each week.

    About Joe and his boxers, I've never thought it was an issue. I'm American and my Dad and brother both walked around in their boxers. Seems quite normal to me.


  • Ariel - 9 years ago

    Keep Medium! Cancel Leno! He's not even funny. I don't know who told him he was. There are enough late night shows as it is. I would love to see Medium continue on. It's such a great show!

  • Greg - 9 years ago

    Very repetitive, every episode the DA and the detective do not believe Alison's story. The DA and detective are cardboard characters are on cruise control. The actors must dread going to work each day with the scripts they are given. Lead actress absolutely cannot pull off a convincing crying scene.

  • YRobertson - 9 years ago

    This is a great show. It has stayed consistent throughout. I hope it has a another and another season. And who cares about underwear. I bet if a poll was taken on American families wearing just their underwear, we would see that Joe in his boxers is not a big deal but a very general occurance.

  • Nanette - 9 years ago

    I love this show! Cancel Leno - he's been on long enough, he needs to retire

  • Willow - 9 years ago

    For the Past five Years, MEDIUM has undoubtedly been one of the more solid (and better) Television Programs to come out in recent years and despite the five year contract, it HAS to get renewed for a Sixith Season.

    Stellar Performances from all the cast, excellent writing and direction, wonderful depiction of family life, relationships and a compelling murder mystery every week. Medium has been NBC's oldest and most solid performer, with a loyal viewership that returns every season to watch it. Sadly, though, NBC treats it like a red-headed stepchild and does little to promote it, unlike its other series which flounder about with its viewership.

    Who the hell can complian about Joe in his underwear (Seriously what planet are you from?)? Joe walking about in his Boxers (and his relationship with his wife and daughters) is a major win for me and is not at all offensive. Even my Dad does it.

    Forget Jay Leno, NBC doesn't need him if he thinks he too good for the 11:00pm timeslot.
    Medium's the sure thing!

  • Anne - 9 years ago

    I love this show and really hope it stays on the air. I love its portrayal of family life, definite guilty pleasure show.

  • Michael Hilton - 9 years ago

    Not one of my very favorites although it is a guilty pleasure. It has got more interesting with Ariel showing some more of her Psychic abilities. The DA's weekly skepticism is getting a bit old. I'm a little on the fence with this one but I'd be OK for another season.

  • Cathy - 9 years ago

    Sorry, it's not just a European thing. I was born and raised in the USA and my dad and brother walked around in their underwear all the time. So did most of my friends families. I'm surprised to see that is the comment people are coming up with. Save this show because it is the most realistic portrait of family life on network TV and it's a unique concept, who cares about the underwear?

  • Susie - 9 years ago

    Medium is one of the best shows on television. I agree with the above person. Cancel Leno (which no one is going to watch anyway) and keep Medium.

  • Mertwarson - 9 years ago

    This is a great show. Here's hoping they cancel Leno and keep Medium.

  • Bearta - 9 years ago

    The comments make me glad of my European upbringing because I cannot imagine living my life afraid of underwear. What a thing to comment on. Grow up.

  • robinepowell - 9 years ago

    This season, Joe has finally stopped walking around in his underwear, so far. Ariel's sixteen for crying out loud!

    Other then that, no complaints about the show and I hope it returns for a sixth season. Just when Marie is getting old enough to have her own storylines.

  • Karymay - 9 years ago

    I am sick of watching Joe in his underwear--in front of the girls yet--almost every show. If they would put him in PJs or a robe I would like for it to stick around a couple more years.

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