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Cochin decides its hash tags. Cast your votes here people! #cochivotes09

  • #coktup - Cochins first but controversial tweetup hash tag. This is a hash tag many are attached to. But it sounds weird that to people. But funny too...
    14 votes

  • #cochin #tweetup - This is the standard but long hash tag. Its 10 characters longer when compared to the other option. It sounds plain but this the "rule" set by twitter.
    29 votes

  • Other
    2 votes

Posted 9 years.


  • Kumar Gautam - 9 years ago

    I suggest, we should number the meetups. as now all cochin bloggers meet are essentially tweetups, we can club both of them together, and call it #cbm and number it accordingly, say #cbm1 and #cbm2 and likewise. Would be better for archival purpose too and will save us from cocked up hashtags. Just a suggestion, Open for discussions of course.

  • Sid88 - 9 years ago

    Well. The main idea of the poll is to have one tag. Not many. Sorry about #twichi not being added to the list. I totally forgot and no one bought it up! And come on people. Whats with being anonymous? Tut tut tut... :p

  • Anonymous for now - 9 years ago

    The list isn't complete. The twichi tag was used as well.
    Cocktup can be used by a group of tweeters
    Twichi can be used by another group of tweeters (some may be a part in the above group as well.)
    There doesn't have to be a single tag for all the groups of Kochi,India tweeters.

  • Sid88 - 9 years ago

    Just cos the daddys of twitter said "this is the standard and its long" dont mean we have to play along! And people who made the typos could have also said #coRktup instead of #coCktup. :p. Any bets for who "anonymos for now" is? :p

  • Anonymous for now - 9 years ago

    The wrong type of controversy would make Kochi tweeters look like a bunch of idiots and drive away interesting tweeters who would like a bit of respect as well.

  • vivzy - 9 years ago

    controversial thins grab more attention..

  • Sid88 - 9 years ago

    Sorry bout the poor grammer. It happens when your a retard and when you use your phone with really small screen to type. :)

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