I love to write, and I am the editor of Fassinating Fassbender. A fan blog dedicated to the Irish-German actor Michael Fassbender.

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Fassinating Fassbender Reader Demographic poll. Please pick two options.

Posted 8 years.


  • donovan - 4 years ago

    I would like to suggest an improvement on how percentages are computed to have more accurate interpretation and meaning (perhaps you need a change in your computational program). The percent computations for the female and male votes should be separated from the Regions. The total votes by gender is 1,668 making the 1505 female followers to be 90% and the 163 male followers to be 10%.

    Have a separate percent computation for the regions where the followers come from.

    Problem is, in this poll, distributions by gender and region (location) were lumped together, making the computed percentages meaningless. For your consideration. Thanks!!! (I am (and my family) a Fassbender fan from the Philippines for his great acting talent.)

  • Corbin - 6 years ago

    Only 6 percent of Michael's fans on this site are male? Do I need to start a site for his gay following? We love him just as much as the ladies! In all seriousness, though, I enjoy keeping up with him on this blog. Keep up the great work!

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