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Will the Magic win a Game 7 if it goes back to Cleveland?

Posted 8 years.


  • Matt - 8 years ago

    We've all learned alot about the Magic this series but the biggest thing we learned is not to ever give up on them. I feel that, after watching the magic come back so many times during this series in Cleveland, anything is possible. If they dont miss go down to the cavs by 22 early, miss 13 Free Throws, and surrender 11 points to Daniel "Who's He?" Gibson, they would have had a double digit win of their own. I think that if it came down to a game 7 and the magic dont dig themselves a big hole, they'll be able to win. Anthony Johnson and Rafer Alston combined for just 9 points, and made some horrible decisions in game 5, especially in the 4th. They must step it up in order for the magic to come out with a win.

  • Ryan - 8 years ago

    I feel as if the Cavs are the best team at home, and we notice that yesterday.
    Magics must close the game tomorrow. But if not, it is going to be LA VS Cavs

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