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Is eating lobster cruel?

Posted 8 years.


  • To Stinky-Pants Meaties Who Hate To Be Questioned: - 8 years ago

    It has been scientifically proven that lobsters have pain receptors, and are therefore a Class I species...meaning (drum roll, please...) THEY DO FEEL PAIN.

    It is difficult for people to question tradition or hereto previously "known" facts. Yet when presented with new truths, it is our duty as rational, thinking beings to re-evaluate our traditions.

    SO YES -- it IS CRUEL to boil living creatures alive.
    How can anything be more obvious?

    Let us remember that ARFF's campaign here is about opposing a game that makes the harassment of living beings who feel pain available to people of all ages. The PBP's opinion crew seemed to lose sight of that in this poll, and instead skewed the focus of this campaign so people could reflect on diet.
    That is not what this campaign is about.
    Again...this campaign is about opposing a game that makes the harassment of living beings who feel pain available to people of all ages.
    ARFF contends that this game is cruel and should be removed from all respectable businesses.

  • Lisa - 8 years ago

    Lobsters have no nerves, they do not know they are being cooked. Lobsters will not go extinct because they are so many conservation rules.

  • Linda Gonzalez - 8 years ago

    I dive for lobster. My buddy is the real lobster master and he gives his
    lobsters to my autistic daughter to eat. She doesn't eat many things
    and we're happy that she can enjoy the lobsters. Am I supposed
    to believe this is evil? Animal Activists need to focus on some other
    issue that pertains to cruelty to animals. They should have spent all their time and energy keeping Mchael Vick in jail!

  • Eat Lobsters - 8 years ago

    Do You Eat Meat?

    Do you love animals?

    Do you own a pet?

    Do you wear anything leather or fur?

    Do you ever go to zoos?

    Do you think you should have a right to do what you want in America?

    If you have answered YES to anyone of these questions (animal rights activists) HATE YOU.

    Wake up AMERICA
    Your donations to THEM are destroying what America stands (stood) for....

    Educate yourself, very well before donating another dime or saying they do good things PLEASE!!!!

    The majority of the people that support them are just uninformed. They are the people who fall for the propaganda, emotional words and videos. They love their pets and other animals and have no idea that Their main goal is to take them away.

    Do you love Meat, take that money and support your local establishment, and Eat A Lobster!

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