Attractive Eighties Women are Atlanta's premiere comedycore extravaganza. They're Post-GWAR Kiss revivalists who sound like a cross between Molly Hatchet and an 8th grade talent show.

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What should be Attractive Eighties Women's new goal? (Poll Closed)

  • Use any extra money we make to help pay for mixing and mastering of the album.

  • $1500 - We can get 500 copies of our new album printed in eco-friendly digipacks, instead of plastic jewel cases.

  • $2000 - Get 1000 copies in digipacks, plus every donation $20 and up gets a NEW t-shirt EXCLUSIVE to our Kickstarter Donors!

  • $3000 - We can print our new album on vinyl, packaged with digital download cards.

  • $5000 - Forget the album and send Attractive Eighties Women on an all expenses paid weekend trip to the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

  • Other

Posted 8 years.