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In the wake of the loss to the Lakers in the NBA Finals, how do rate the Magic's season?

Posted 8 years.

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  • Heidi Orris - 8 years ago

    Hi Mike, I agree with you! I think the Magic had a fabulous season. If anyone had said at the beginning of the season that we would have defeated Boston and Cleveland and put Lebron in his place, and then played the Lakers for a chance at the big gold trophy, nobody would have believed them! It's been a terrific run. No one can take that experience away from us and it's been great for the players and for Orlando, too! And we will definitely be back next year. Kobe is old and Phil Jackson is even older. Their time is running out for championships. Ours is coming up and we have a great centerpiece and a good team built around him to take advantage of that! Look for us next year to go all the way! I BELIEVE! Heidi Orris

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