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Which charity would you like the 10k to go to?

Posted 8 years.


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  • I voted for Habitat for humanity !

  • Minh Tri - 8 years ago

    I love you Danny. You did such great thing to children all over the world . God bless you!

  • Wendy - 8 years ago

    I would like the $10,000 to go to Sophia's Heart Foundation, as I just found out that all of the Gay Adam Lambert followers and anti Christians multiple voting and posting bogus comments for Tay Sachs. Tay Sachs is a genetic disorder. There is no cure for a genetic disorder. If they wanted to fix the problem they could ask Monsanto to do that, as Monsanto has German Scientists from Hitler's army, that are whizzes at manipulating genes.They do it every day. Money will not produce a cure, only the co-operation of these scientists will, and they are too busy making money off of illness to want to spend the time to do what is necessary to help make things right with genetically challenged kids.

  • edna_rodriguez - 8 years ago

    i am giving my vote to sophias heart because danny did it inmeory of his wife nd i think that he has been trough alot of stuff and he really deserves it!!! :)

  • TOALLPEEPLE - 8 years ago

    Hey people, this poll has been closed MANY days ago. SHF already won! No need to keep voting and Danny bashing anymore. Have a great day!!!!

  • Linda Kirkland - 8 years ago


  • Linda Kirkland - 8 years ago

    I am a grandmother of an Angel that died with TAY-SACHS there is no cure!!! I had never heard of this Disease before. It was so hard on the baby. He suffered , I mean really suffered. He worked harder than any one I ever knew, and that was just to take a breath. He had a feeding tube, and was on a lot of strong pain meds. I don`t have enough room to write everything.. It was just so painful and still is. Please, go to the tay-sachs website. You or someone very close to you could have the gene and have a baby with this horrible disease. Please stop argueing. And help find a cure! Please go to the website you will learn so much about the diesese and about the children that has got there wings and the one`s that are going to. There is no cure and there is no treatment... PLEASE FOR ALL THOSE SWEET LITTLE INNOSENT ANGELS!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!

  • Merideth Hilgart - 8 years ago

    I voted for Sophia's heart. Why would you try to save a dying child when you can already save a healthy living one. Listen to what Danny has to say, he is working miracles.

  • Karen Kowalski - 8 years ago

    Cure Tay-Sachs!
    We once lived next door to a beautiful little girl named Princess Riley Bear, but because there is no cure as of yet, the little princess got her wings!
    Cure Tay-Sachs has my #1 Vote!

  • marty jordan - 8 years ago

    My daughter has tay-sachs and until something like this effects you then you have no idea how devastating the disease is. My little girl went blind at the age of two. She lost muscle control at three. At the tender age of four she was placed on oxygen and seizure medicine. Slowly she will slip into a catatonic state and die. I would take a poor kid over a dying kid. Please help prevent tay-sachs by voting for our foundation. Thank you...

  • The Good - 8 years ago

    THIS IS WRONG. There are people fighting over this, there was no need for a comment section in the first place. They are all good causes and even if the one you voted for doesn't win, doesn't mean that you can't help them to reach their goal on your own time, or start your own fundraiser. One isn't better than the other, a life is a life. Whether it's making a child's wish come true, or finding a cure for a disease, its all for the good of bring light to someones life. It makes me sick just reading some of the comments on here. How good something so good hearted thing like helping a charity become such a bad hearted thing. Even if charity of choice doesn't win, at least the monry is going to something that is worth fighting for....... just think about it, and you will see the shame of it all.

  • Beth - 8 years ago

    I want the $$$$ to go to Soophie's Heart bcuz i want to like danny's hairy sweaty balls. Oh and "help kids" 2. #gokeyislove

  • malc - 8 years ago

    I would Like to see this money go to Sophia's Heart Foundation, as the children of this world are our future.

  • Olivia - 8 years ago

    If you didn't vote for Danny you cast a vote against god. What is this world coming too? I can't believe SHF didn't get all the votes. You should be ashamed.

  • Peggy Romero - 8 years ago

    Children are the most impressionable, honest, adorable and sponge like creatures ever. Their beauty comes from what is in their heart. A foundation like Sophia’s Heart has me excited; I don’t know of any organization like this that has the heart of a child as its focus. It will reach out to the children who are most vulnerable, hungry, sick, devastated, depressed, confused, tired, aimless, and in despair. I can go on, unfortunately, because there are a plethora of disadvantages affecting our youth today, so many at risk due to circumstances beyond their control. My vote (for Sophia’s Heart Foundation) will increase the chances that the latter conditions (listed above) will only be temporary – these kids will have hope! Yeah!

  • Liahla Robets - 8 years ago

    Please vote

    My name is Liahla Roberts when I was told my 9 month old would die and most likely not live passed 3yrs of age I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe that diseases like Tay-sachs and Sandhoff existed. The doctors told me this is the worst of the worst and children with these diseases die young. There is no treatmeant or cure. My other 5 children and I watched as Teresa helplessly lost everything, her vision, her ablity to move, swallow, cough or even cry. Teresa had uncontrolable seizures and parasis. She required hourly care. On Feb.19 2009 while my oldest son and I were holding Teresa she took her last breath. Teresa was 20 months. We made the choice to donated tissues towards the reseach of these diseases as hard as that was for us, I know with funding we can find a cure soon...

    There are over 60 Lysosomal Diseases none of which have a cure or treatment..

    1 baby is born every 30 miunutes with a Lysosomal Disease.

    Help Teresa campiagn was started to raise awareness of these diseases...

    Teresa Villalpando
    5/21/07 - 2/19/09

  • Lindsey - 8 years ago

    I voted for SHF! Danny Gokey is a wonderful person, and what he is doing is Amazing!

  • Harold - 8 years ago

    I see many votes for Sophie's Heart. Is that because you believe in the foundation, or just a popularity vote like AI? The bashing and cruelty here is seriously uncalled for.

    As someone who knows people that have been touched by the dreadful Tay-Sachs disease, I am voting for that organization and will vote as many times as I can. Please check out their websites to get more information and consider voting for them also. Our prayers are that a cure will someday be found.

  • Hunter - 8 years ago

    When are you going to let Tay Sachs know they won this?

    Danny only got the word out to vote for SHF and spam the comments section, he never mentioned the other charities did he? I think he pretty much considers this his money already and did from the beginning. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out, Im hoping the charity in the lead actually gets the donation, however I wont hold my breath on that.

  • kc - 8 years ago

    stop the Gokey hate! Danny is a nice guy and it would be lovely for the 10K to go to SHF cos of what he's doing for the children. God Bless!

  • Penny - 8 years ago

    It would be wonderful if the $10.000 would go to Cure Tay Sachs Foundation.

  • Sharon - 8 years ago

    Go to, & check out the beautiful Angels. You will know the 10 K will be well spent. Thank you so much.

  • Richard - 8 years ago

    All of these causes are worthy, but Tay Sachs Disease is one of the most insidious and cruel afflictions there is. Go to this site and you will appreciate the need for an intensely serious search for a cure
    Thank you Nick for your program.

  • Laurie - 8 years ago

    Nick, it's wonderful that you are donating money to one of these amazing causes. Danny Gokey got the word out about your charitable endeavor. I would LOVE for the money to go to Sophia's Heart Foundation! I truly believe in Danny's vision and the mission of the organization. I grew up in a broken home and sincerely admire what Danny and SHF are doing to help shape the minds, hearts, souls and futures of children. Children are our future. SHF can help them heal today so they can be leaders tomorrow. PLEASE give the money to Sophia's Heart Foundation!!! THANK YOU!!! SHF

  • Nicel - 8 years ago

    Sophia's heart would be a wondeful place to donate to. Its a wondeful way to help children and communities everywhere.

  • Barb - 8 years ago

    "If you believe in helping children donate the money to SHF....."

    What, the other charities don't help children? You can't be serious saying something like that. You Goketards are really too much. And agree 100% with Beck.

  • FedUp - 8 years ago

    For the record, Danny DID use his own money to get the foundation started. You people can be really heartless.
    Secondly, the pole is now closed so you can stop voting now.

  • fearbear - 8 years ago

    I cannot agree more Beck!

    Do not vote for Sophia's Heart Foundation. Danny Gokey has his own money, if he really wants to help people - maybe he should use his own money.

  • beck - 8 years ago

    Danny gokey is making $100,000 a gig on tour x 50. Not to mention how much he made for his t.v. run. With over $5,000,000 in his pocket I am sure his foundation can get the start he wishes. Meanwhile these other charities are relying on volunteers and public donations to help their cause. I think SHF is just a gimmick for Danny for popularity. The only thing I see connecting him to this charity is his name. He doesn't even seem directly involved, he seems much more interested in being famous and begging for a record deal.

  • Hillary (Danny's #1 Fan!) - 8 years ago

    Gokey Fans-VOTE SOPHIA'S HEART!!!
    Go Danny!

  • Sophie - 8 years ago

    That poor, smug douche Danny never comes in first, does he? LOL.

  • Lisa - 8 years ago

    This is going out to all of the HATERS, sophiasheartfoundation is sophia's legacy, she loved children, and danny is the same if that's not what you choose to vote for thats fine but don't bash danny gokey nor faith builders, and as for the pastors their great people...keep your mouth shut and mind your business! I happen to be a big fan of danny's and i go to faith builders so everything that is put into SHF is for a great cause....Donate the 10k to SHF it is truely a great cause....Faith builders is an awesome church, with alot of amazing people including Jamar Rogers..As for Danny going on American Idol right after Sophia's passing, is because she wanted him to cause she believed in him, he did it cause he knew she would have wanted him to.. What was he supose to do? Stop living his life? Get a hold of yourself loser!!! If you believe in helping children donate the money to SHF.....We love you Danny don't ever let haters get you down, Keep your head up your better than they are....

  • Crisan Chetty - 8 years ago

    My Vote goes to SHF. DANNY GOKEY You have made that
    difference with your Love.

  • Alannah - 8 years ago

    this is a great thing nick is trying to do, and whoever gets the votes.
    there is no "team" with danny gokey, he is really just trying to do a good
    thing. lets not turn something that is a good thing into something so hateful.
    common, Nick is just trying to do a good thing, as is Danny Gokey
    and ALL of these charitys that do great for everyone.
    lets not get caught up in craziness!

  • Susan - 8 years ago

    Umm...I know this is pointless but this is to Paula above. I am aka revsac and contrary to what you said, if you had bothered to even look at my profile, you would have seen that I do not work for Faith Builders, have never even been to Wisconsin. I am a Presbyterian pastor living in Birmingham, AL. Our worship and even theology are not much like FB at all...quite "high church" and traditional in comparison. Check your facts before stating an untruth about someone. In addition, if any haters had bothered to really check, the address for SHF is not the same as FaithBuilders. SHF offices are located in Hermitage, TN because that is where the VP of the foundation lives and FB is located in, see the difference? 501(C)3 nonprofits are carefully monitored and must be have an audit every year by a CPA. IRS keeps close tabs. Try checking facts instead of just spreading these tired old rumors and lies.

  • Rebee - 8 years ago

    It's so heartbreaking to hear these stories of people who have lost loved ones only for this to turn out to be another Danny Gokey / Faith Builder$ scam.

    So sad.

  • Chris David - 8 years ago

    Please help my 5 year old neice and the other little children stricken with this genetic disease. At this point in time the children that have been so unlucky to have contracted this disease are sentence to death, life is not a possibility for them. But with a simple vote you can help this organization and help these unfortunate children to get closer to finding an answer to save them from the condemnation of death. Please help me to give them a chance to grow up so we can see the type of people these precious little ones have the ptential to be. Please help them have the chance that our own children have had to grow up.

  • Leslie Valenta - 8 years ago

    Vote for SHF....... WE CAN DO THIS!!!! :D :D :D

  • Leslie Valenta - 8 years ago

    Danny I back you and SHF l,0000000000 pecent :)

  • Leslie Valenta - 8 years ago

    SHF I got your back! :)

  • Leslie Valenta - 8 years ago

    I voted for Sophias Heart Foundation because the kids need the money. It is for the kids...come on vote ! :)

    " One heart, touching many"

  • Joshua Fier - 8 years ago

    Please vote for Cure Tay-Sachs. My sister, Rachaeli, has Tay-Sachs disease and she really needs your help. I'm 12 years old and I voted for Cure Tay-Sachs. You don't have to be an adult to vote%Pr

  • Joshua - 8 years ago

    Please vote for Cure Tay-Sachs. My sister, Rachaeli, has Tay-Sachs disease and she really needs your help. I'm only 12 years old and I voted for Cure Tay-Sachs. You don't have to be an adult to vote!!%Pr

  • Joshua - 8 years ago

    Please vote for Cure Tay-Sachs. My sister, Rachaeli, has Tay-Sachs disease and she really needs your help. I'm 12 years old and I'm voting for this cause. You don't have to be an adult to vote%Pr

  • mark - 8 years ago

    great job danny. nice toes.

  • Oh - 8 years ago

    So Nick's people have been working with Gokey's charity after all. Surprise surprise.

  • Stacy - 8 years ago

    WOW! You are all crazy people. Nick tries to do a nice thing for charity, and you all just wig out over Danny's charity. Well I'm the marketing agent for Nick and I just happen to know for a fact that Danny's Charity has a pending 501(c)(3) with the IRS - why do I know? Because I've been working with Danny's Foundation Vice President and we are helping Danny with his charity . . . shame on all of you. Shame on you. It's Sunday - go to church and ask for forgiveness for acting so stupid. If you do not know what you are talking about - keep your "hate" comments to yourself. I'm very disappointed in the haters here. Nick - you just keep doing what you are doing cuz you are a great and giving person. All these charities deserve this and thank you Nick for being a role model and leader.

  • Tess - 8 years ago

    Sorry, just saw this....

    "Kathy K
    2009-07-16 18:04:29 ET

    Tess, You can say that this has nothing to do with hate or with Danny Gokey, but in your particular case I know this to be false. I have "listened" to your over the top unwarranted hateful rantings about Danny on a particular website for awhile now. In fact, I remember on the opening night of the tour, during Danny's set on the cellcast....your words were "I hate that man."

    That wasn't me. There's more than one Tess on this planet.

  • Mikey - 8 years ago

    I voted for St. Judes cause the more research the better for all the diseases

  • Yossi Weinstock - 8 years ago

    I voted to cure Tay Sachs. Truly a worthy cause.

  • Miriam - 8 years ago

    May GOD richley bless all of you who care & work to help others.

  • lana - 8 years ago

    I vote for Tay Sachs... Please think of all the children who die by approximately the age of 3. Reasearch is getting closer to a cure. We already have tons of research and info on heart disease but not the horrid diseases like Tay Sachs. Remember 1 in 25 Jewish carry the bad gene, 1 in 50 Irish & French Canadian and in the general population 1 in every 250 carry the bad gene. You can be tested with a simple blood test before pregnancy but very few people know about this test. PLEASE VOTE FOR TAY SACHS FOUJNDATION. A grandmother who watched her 1st grandson die in 33 months and still watches a daughter and family suffer after 10 years.

  • Sprite3:16 - 8 years ago

    A vote against Danny is a vote for the devil. This is a test from god and anyone who did not vote for Danny just failed. Love you Danny!

  • Paula - 8 years ago

    Alan - It's not Pruitt, it's the RevSac woman from Faith Builders. She seems to have a very $trong intere$t in how thi$ poll turn$ out.

    Could they be more transparent?

  • HunniB416 - 8 years ago

    And the hate comments really are not appropriate here, no matter where they are directed. You're all missing the big picture here, which is this person is willing to put up $10,000 to a charity and needed our help in deciding which. If your lives are so bereft of substance that you need to sit and think of nasty things to write about someone you don't even know, and check their Twitter account for more cannon fodder, then you're the real charity case, and I feel sorry for you.


  • HunniB416 - 8 years ago

    Sophia's Heart Foundation

  • Alan - 8 years ago

    $10,000 would make a nice down payment on an Escalade, eh?

  • Alan - 8 years ago

    One more thing, why is Faith Bulders monitoring these comments so closely anyway? You don't have a financial interest in this, do you?

  • Alan - 8 years ago

    Dear Pastor Pruitt, sice you forgot to make your tweets private, everyone on the internet is well aware you are monitoring these comments closely. So, while I have your attention, I was wondering if you could make the 'How To Be A Playmate' video available online. I would love to rub one out to your wife.

  • Shannon - 8 years ago

    Actually, SHF was in the lead when Nick said the polls were closed. But cure tay-sachs moved into the lead not too long after. I really don't mind what charity the 10k goes to, because they are all great charities, but SHF was in the lead. And Sophia's Heart Foundation IS a real charity.

  • SueAnn Sugarbaker - 8 years ago

    THANK GOD TAY-SACHS A REAL CHARITY WON! Look at the kind of man who was almost given 10k! A pig who hits on random young girls in front of reporters while pretending to miss his wife (cash cow)!

  • Lorri - 8 years ago

    Cure tay-sachs was in the lead when the poll was closed. Sorry SHF.

  • Meaghan - 8 years ago

    Am I really? I read over my posts and I don't know how I am being a biotch or catty. It's true that SHF was in the lead when Nick tweeted that the poll was closed. I'm not lying. And I do think he should just split the money between all the charities. I'm just tired of all this hate for Danny and SHF.

  • Jay Arbogast - 8 years ago

    I voted for Tay-Sachs because I lost my daughter PJ to it, when she was just 3 1/2. We're so very close to a cure, and when it's found, many neurologic diseases will soon find a cure from the very platform our foundation, and community has created. Not only the diseases that kill our children, but diseases like Parkinsons, Alzheimers, and MS will surely benefit. Whichever foundation receives this grant, I hope they use the donation as wisely as the Cure Tay-Sachs foundation would. $.99 of every $1.00 goes to research. Either way, this is indeed a great thing Nick is doing...hopefully his fellow players will take notice and follow suit.
    Jay Arbogast,
    Volunteer, CTSF
    Development Committee Chair, NTSAD

  • Meaghaniscatty - 8 years ago

    Retract your claws Meaghan honey you are coming off as a bit of a biotch in your last few posts.

  • Meaghan - 8 years ago

    The poll closed 4 hours ago. I was on twitter when Nick tweeted that. Sophia's Heart Foundation was in the lead then. Sorry.

  • Gerald - 8 years ago

    tay-sachs was in the lead when the poll was closed. SHF is out of luck.

  • Jennifer Rundell - 8 years ago

    Danny can do more with this money than all the other charities combined. I made sure I got my 25 votes in. A vote for Danny is a vote for Jesus. When the calling comes, those that didn't vote for Danny will not be saved. We

  • Kim Swanson (kswan4christ) - 8 years ago

    The 10K should ABSOLUTELY, without a doubt go to Sophia's Heart Foundation. The others are great too, but SHF is extra special.

  • Sadstateofaffairs - 8 years ago

    Just give it to Gokey, that the was plan all along anyway. And maybe apologize to these other charities that had no idea they were in this poll, like TS for starters. I'll add, the stories of all the sick and dying children herein are heartbreaking. My thoughts to all the families of the little ones :( and hope for a cure someday.

  • Meaghan - 8 years ago

    It doesn't even matter anymore because Nick said 2 hours ago that the poll was closed, and SHF was in the lead then. He is taking down the poll now.

  • thisisgettingoutofhand - 8 years ago

    you people are turning something good into something so hateful.. Thank you Nick for donating you money to any of these worthy causes and THANK YOU Nick for trying to get us all into charity and for continuing to be a good kind man despite these stupid posts... take down this POLL and give the money to the charity close to your heart because obviously none of these haters are gonnna let it win fair and square

  • Meaghan - 8 years ago

    The best part is when the haters have nothing left to critisize so they start pointing out typos haha. Yeah that's right. You make one typo and you are illiterate lol. I voted for SHF, and I don't care for Adam Lambert. Does that make me homophobic too? This is getting ridiculous. Danny hasn't done anything to deserve all this hate. These are CHARITIES for crying out loud! If you guys don't care about any of these charities, and are only voting so Sophia's Heart Foundation doesn't get the $10,000, then don't vote at all. Every one of these charities deserves the money. I voted for SHF because it is a new charity just starting out, and I think it will benefit the most from the money. But I agree with the person who said Nick should just split the 10k between the 8 charities.

  • Denise - 8 years ago

    Ten more votes for Danny. Sing it Danny. You are the best, you should have won.

  • Sophia Gokey - 8 years ago

    I can't believe you people are so mean to me. Just because I'm getting a posthumous divorce.

  • Buffythebiotchslayer - 8 years ago

    Hey Michelle, are you lowclass? or are you Gokeys Cousin? It's INCASE not ENCASE, learn the english language for starters. And why is Lambert nasty, because he is gay? Yep, you are def a Gokey follower... illiterate and homophobic just like your leader!! You tard!

  • Michelle - 8 years ago

    Some of you people are just downright disgusting.
    The most recent would be "Sophia Gokey" Hey, guess what? YOU'RE NOT FUNNY.
    Danny lost his wife, encase you forgot. He made Sophia's Heart Foundation to help those in need.
    Us fans support him because we know he is a good man. That's part of the reason we love him.
    We don't do whatever he says because he wants us too. It's sick how many of you would do ANYTHING for Adam Lambert. Now THERE'S a nasty man.
    Danny has a good heart, and we're just trying to help him go as far as we can.
    So if you're gonna be a hater go hate on someone who deserves it. Not someone who's trying to do good.

  • Pam - 8 years ago

    You bashers are just making yourselves look bad (look at the "sophia gokey" post-how revealing) and proving the point you care nothing for charity, you are here cheating on a poll (that someone else is trying to do to benefit others) just to make your cynical selves feel better by putting two great people down.
    I voted for Sophias Heart Foundation because it is a grass roots org. already doing good things that was founded by one dedicated person, Danny Gokey, as his life's goal to honor his deceased wife and to benefit the children she loved so much.

  • Sophia Gokey - 8 years ago

    Vote for Tay Sachs! Danny will just spend the money on fattening food and glasses. Believe me, I know!

  • Mike - 8 years ago

    Whatever charity wins, I hope they do the right thing with the mony. I voted for Tay Sachs due to personal reasons. Good luck to all, and let´s beat all these damn diseases.

  • DANNY IS NOT A DOUCHE - 8 years ago


  • DANNY IS NOT A DOUCHE - 8 years ago


  • Carrie Bard - 8 years ago

    I voted for the Sophia's Heart Foundation. I believe that all the charities are great but this one is my choice. I love helping kids and people and I believe in what Danny Gokey is doing. I believe this is a worthy cause and I'm very proud to support this charity and I look forward to getting my friends together and making a donation as well. God Bless the Sophia's Heart Foundation and God Bless Danny Gokey!!!! Also thank you to Nick Barnett for being so very generous!!!! :)

  • Dana - 8 years ago

    I would love to see the money go to Sophia's Heart... while the others are definately majorly important charities... I feel that SHF would benefit the most from a big chunk of change...

  • Doreen - 8 years ago

    I gave Danny the 25 vote limit. Go Danny, you are an inspiration to us all.

  • Hunter - 8 years ago

    He sounds like he is very immature in that article, isn't he like 30 or something? What is he doing checking out interns, aren't they like 18 and stuff?? Creepy.
    He comes off as so creepy. Who talks like that in an interview? A mental midget, thats who. Get this joke a PR manager stat man.

    I did not vote for SHF.

  • Michelle - 8 years ago

    Please vote for Tay-Sachs!!! A cure for these kids is much needed. My daughter Rachel Marie Ruppert passed away May 1st, 2009 from this horrible disease. With out a cure the kids do not have a chance. Rachel was 5 yrs. old when she earned her angel wings, some children earn their wings much earlier. Please help and vote for Tay-Sachs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dimitri - 8 years ago

    No, 'ugh'

    I am not even a Gokey fan but I voted for SHF because it is in the beginning stages and needs a little help.
    Don't get me wrong, the other charities need all the help they can get.

    I think Nick should split the 10k and give it to each..

  • Kholoud - 8 years ago

    Sophia's Heart! Vote for Sophia's Heart Foundaton Please!

  • ugh - 8 years ago

    Did even ONE gokey fan even bother to consider any other worthy charity? I doubt it. It is fan mania. Robots. Whatever Gokey says, thinks, or does, every one of his fans jumps and does what their leader says.

  • GTFOKEY - 8 years ago

    Read the Gokey fans twitters. All they're doing is kissing his ass for acknowledgment. They're obsessed with him. They couldn't care less for Sophia or the kids SHF supposedly helps... do something somewhere. Just buy his crap bracelets and t-shirts and let the ten thousand go to an actual deserving charity. There's a special place in Hell reserved for Gokey and his cult.

  • Julie - 8 years ago

    I voted Sophia's Heart Foundation.

  • trishcaravana - 8 years ago

    that article proves that danny is indeed a class act

    yes she appreciates the brunette girl and hes human hes allowed to do so.

    but he respects the girl. he doesnt believe in one night stand. he wants a real relationship and not just sex

    barbara purposely deleted last part to make danny look bad

    barbara get a life!!!

    heres to complete the article

    MOVIELINE: Which one is she?
    DG: I don’t want to turn around and make it obvious.
    ML: In the high-heeled silver shoes?
    DG: Uh-huh. She’s very cute.
    ML: Well, you’re the rock star, you’re supposed to, you know, be a rock star.
    DG: Make a move, right? I’m pretty cautious when it comes to relationships.
    ML: Would this be a relationship?
    DG: Ahhhh — even those. None of that. I don’t want to be disrespectful. Not that I’d disrespect them. But a one-night stand … I don’t know, I feel would be like I’d be disrespecting them.

    look clearly danny doesnt want to be disrespectful and he doesnt believe in one night stand

  • StopHating - 8 years ago

    Come on! It's been a year and it's time to move on. He's trying to recover from the tragedy. He's doing a good job. Does he have to stay alone for the rest of his life? He's a 29-year-old man, and it's normal he think some girl's cute. Besides, this is his personal life and you have no right to intervene.

  • Lorri - 8 years ago

    I wander if Danny could ever stop himself from acting like an ass. Vote for TS!

  • Gokeysucks - 8 years ago

    I think Danny Gokey is a very strange person. Im voting for TS.

  • Chevette - 8 years ago

    ^ OMG that is disgusting.

  • Barbara - 8 years ago

    So basically all these fans are standing behind Danny and SHF, meanwhile he is out telling reporters he wants to pick up young women at his press conferences. Read for yourself.

    Yep, Danny is a class act. Keep believing the shit this guy is selling you people.


    DANNY GOKEY: One of my favorite scenes is from Disney’s Aladdin, when the genie first comes out of the lamp. The genie — Robin Williams — just cracks me up. He says all these random things, and he scares Aladdin. It’s awesome — a funny moment. I love Disney, and DreamWorks.
    [He sees a journalist he knows.] I’m sorry, I have to ask this guy a question. [He asks the journalist about a young brunette woman in the room. The journalist replies that he thinks she’s an intern with one of the TV crews.] Man she’s cute.
    MOVIELINE: Which one is she?
    DG: I don’t want to turn around and make it obvious.
    ML: In the high-heeled silver shoes?
    DG: Uh-huh. She’s very cute.
    ML: Well, you’re the rock star, you’re supposed to, you know, be a rock star.
    DG: Make a move, right? I’m pretty cautious when it comes to relationships.
    ML: Would this be a relationship?

  • Bebe - 8 years ago

    I would love to see the money go to Sophia's Heart

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