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How much longer will the recession last?

Posted 8 years.

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  • Carl Moore - 8 years ago

    While big money continues to move the stock market and is encouraged to do so by the manipulating of the stock markets (make the country feel good and work the agenda) by this administration, Main Street continues to shed jobs and close doors.
    Small Business reserves extended by the use of credit cards and cash-on-hand float is losing the war and is about to add (small and difficult to rent) commercial space at record levels.
    Institutional Lenders can only watch as they reject clients because of falling FICO scores that fail to answer why no one is extending a helping hand to those who have had to fight the hardest to survive.
    When the dust settles, good people with good small businesses will be added to the unemployment rolls for no other reason than the detachment of Wisdom from guidelines and rules meant for another time and era.
    The Ninety Percent still working see the glass half-full, while the additional two percent unemployed being moved to the street will not be buying the newspapers that show all is well with Wall Street and the stock market.

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