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Which Army is professioally better?

Posted 9 years.


  • prixas - 6 years ago

    after losing so many battles.....even losing bangladesh to us.....with over 19 air bases and ability to launch attacks from ISRO and submarines they dont stand a chance with missile defence system they (paks) ...their missile will be sent back to them saying mission failure. dont forget the agni and brahmos will put of to your flames brahmos will avoid missile defence systems (joint venture with russia). India wont use brahmos for pak its fit for some what worth country CHINA.....4 MISSILES pak gone u need to launch 200 misiiles to destroy INDIA

  • Waqar Ahmad Khan - 6 years ago

    shiva prasa pakistani are fucker but indian are mother fucker

  • strategicpeace - 7 years ago

    Even the 38% mentioned over here for Pak army is a joke. If the Taliban militia and terrorist can take over Swat and their PAF air-force base near Karachi, banging the Pak defence apparatus, it is clear that the Pak defence forces, particularly the Army, do not have any standing in front of a professional Indian army. Anyway the Pak army’s job now is to police internal security and be an orderly for the US and NATO forces bordering Afghanistan...

  • Hakia Iqbal - 7 years ago

    Fuck india they fear Pakistan, Always have.. In a full scale war, India loses..

  • shiva prasad - 8 years ago

    India is a great. Pakistan will be washed away by indian's urine.Indians are great warriors and pakistani are fuckers.

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