Jeff and Jack Maxwell are lifelong baseball fans from Dix Hills, NY. Unlike most sports fans, however, the final score is secondary to them. As long as somebody makes a fool out of themselves or television cameras continually pan to the cheerleaders, they are happy.

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Should Pete Rose be inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Posted 8 years.


  • barbara schaefer - 8 years ago

    i meant to say like people before him and those after who only got a slap on hands and still are in sammy sosa who used a pratice bat is tha not cheating

  • barbara schaefer - 8 years ago

    yes yes yes pete rose should be in hall of fame he was the best to ever doi punishment to harsh for offense.he should have been slap on hands like before and after,

  • matthew castillo - 8 years ago

    all the guy did was gambel on games but he never gambel against his on team and yea he lied about it but there are going to be peoople in the hall of fame who have done far worst than that like cheating taking steriods who have lied about taking the steriods and then were caught but those guys will put in the hall of fame the guy has over 4000s hits if bonds get in the hall of fame before pete rose there something wrong about the hall of fame commitee

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