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Who did you vote for Favorite Houseguest on CBS?

Posted 8 years.


  • mommamo - 8 years ago

    I think that the HS most deserving of the cash is Michelle.
    After what Keven and MSinformation (Natalie put her thru, she will probably need it for therapy. I think in the face of all thrown at her she behaved admirably!

  • lmpchef - 8 years ago

    I think the key thing here is that it is for your favorite houseguest not who played the game the best. Jeff definitely gets my vote. I think he had the most integrity throughout the game. Even when Kevin back doored him he was cvil to him. He was not nasty and kept his emotions under great control. It also doesn't hurt that he his great looking. I hope he wins the $25000.00.

  • ? - 8 years ago

    i love jordan and jeff...they're my favorites!! I hope they stay together after the show! but yea I really want jordan to get the money...i think she deserves it not because of the game but just the fact that she doesnt really have alot of money...but if not i hope jeff gets it cause he shouldve won! :(

    I HATE NATALIE THO!! she is the BIGGEST bitch and she lies about EVERYTHING!! I dont like her and i really really really hope she doesnt win! I will be sooo mad if she does!

  • delina - 8 years ago

    Jeff played the game the best in my eyes so i thank he the one to get the money

  • wootwoot - 8 years ago

    vote for laura! lol evn though no one stands a chance against jeff :[

  • Anonymous - 8 years ago

    You guys are crazy to vote for Jeff over Michelle, he had every chance to win the game and he just screwed himself over, Michelle deserves it way more than he does!