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When do you think the Integral Revolution will hit its tipping point?

Posted 8 years.


  • rachel - 8 years ago

    good comments

  • Oz - 8 years ago

    The results of "tipping point" show a bell-like curve centered about ten years away. That will be the result of most polls of this sort. Let's turn it on its head. Is Integral thinking developed enough and wide-spread enough so that it won't just disappear? Yes. Is Integral thinking strong enough to change the direction of human history. No.
    What is a "tipping point"? Be aware that it's management jargon, and therefore mostly Orange/Rational. Just using that phrase is a cry for help: "I want things to change and to understandable!" Don't we all.

  • Bucko - 8 years ago

    When will the integral movement hit a tipping point? What does that mean? When will the masses develop the ability to see the world around them with a post modern perspective? OR, when will the majority of people evolve their personal perceptions of the world and behave in an integrated way? Furthermore, who is to say the Integral movement is the catalyst of these developments? That seems egocentric if one is to believe there is a perspective higher than the Integral movement.

    Popular culture is becoming familiar with the date 2012 as a major upheaval in the world and/or doomsday. As many know, this is a misunderstanding of the Mayan calendar. According to Carl Calleman’s studies and interpretations the Mayan calendar is a timeline of spiritual evolution, not a physical doomsday countdown. His research uncovers the Mayan understanding of a centuries long transformation of man from a materialistic being with ego dominated world views into something more advanced. Mayan calendars chart this natural process of human evolution to its predictable conclusion in 2012 when mankind takes a giant leap into a totally new way of being, leaving behind the baggage of the modern world, hence, “The end of life as we know it.”

    Severe sacrifices and losses will likely occur between now and 2013. These changes will seem frightening, horrible, unpatriotic, and even evil to modern man. But it’s my understanding that modern man can not evolve without such circumstances and this is the nature of free will. Only when man is faced with an unfavorable future has he used free will to design a better alternative vision for himself.

    My answer to the question is about two years. Specifically, over the next several years mankind will continue to see the erosion of the material world systems, most notably financial, energy and food production systems. Man will find the negative, unintended consequences of these old tools for social stability become increasingly unmanageable. This natural, predictable process will reach a tipping point in two years, late 2012. At that time new perspectives will emerge out of necessity and new tools will facilitate a lifestyle unimaginable to us now.

    For now, keep your head down, stay positive, receptive and behave like the waters of a stream flowing effortlessly around obstacles and rocks set in your way.

  • Kjartan Foros - 8 years ago

    Thinking integral is largely a theoretical platform, from which we feed our own selfinflated illusions of unselfishness. ACTING integral is living a life of unconditionally inclusive behaviour, ALWAYS and without reserve! Now, that is a quest so uncomfortably close to the Christ or Buddah nature, that any humble human (at the pathetically shortcoming state of human perfection evolution has been able to take us till now) must address it with deepfelt resignation.

    Likewise, a tipping point is not reached when a critical mass adopts the urgency and insight for radical change, in a rational context. It can only happen when hearts follow suit, and the mass is transfomed to a collective Bodisatva. Or, when it opens up to Baruch Spinoza´s credo; that the duality of material life is a mere substitute for real life, which we stupenduosly put away till a "tomorrow" that never comes.

    A leap in the evolution of Humanity is the only hope we have, but faced with the rapid deterioration of the material context humanity needs for collective growth, I am sad to conclude that our primitive cravings and urges have depleted the temporal/spatial account which we so desperately need, to reach tipping point in time!

    The horrific dilemma is more likely to be that of exclusion of those that need care and help the most, in a cynnical strive to avoid regression and collapse of the advanced human ideals that a new start, on a dramatically changed, and uninviting planet, depends on, as a measure to save our species.

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