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Who did you vote for as the 7th Juror?

Posted 8 years.


  • Karen - 8 years ago

    If you call liaing backstabing being nasty game play then Natalie should have won. BUT why do you think that Jordan didnt play the game because she was not a biotch to people the whole time. She had her game and it was different than the others. OMG she decided to be kind of nice. I know she did her share of liaing but all in all she played the game her way.

  • Dane - 8 years ago

    KEVIN ALL THE WAY! He is the one who should be the winner! Jordon IS dumb. Natalie IS the Devil. Kevin may be bitchy, but he played the best game out of the three. This is a game, sometimes the HG had to be sneaky and catty. JORDUMB would have been kicked out if it had not been for Jeff. And BTW, Jeff may of been cute, but Lord was that man a bigot. I realize Jordon did win more things then Natalie, but Kevin did more things then her. Also, to the twat that said Kevin could only win against girls, ummm HES THE REASON JEFF AND RUSSELL ARE OUT! So that means he beat them too.

  • Laura - 8 years ago

    1st of all, the last time I looked I was over 21 and speak my own mind. 2nd we all know that hmm "Farell" is Anonymous. Only waited 1o minutes between posts....slick move. You are the only one on here ringing the black white are so sad. I do think you like to stir up crap and have a very boring life..... :(

  • Ashley - 8 years ago

    LOL, my point exactly :)

    Thanks for proving it for me!

  • Anonymous - 8 years ago

    Thanks Farell, I appreciate the support, you've obviously see the faults with this show, and the certain kind of people who are watching, I just got personally attacked by people who don't even know me, or can relate to my struggle. I'm not saying the show's racist, but 80% of the viewers are always happy when it's 2 or 1 straight white males or someone evil like Dick in the end, but when it's girls, lgbt, or ethnic people, they get bashed an hated on. I love this show, and personally don't care how people take me or my opinions.

  • Farell - 8 years ago

    Laura and Ashley, stfu up, and mind your own business, you know nothing about this anonymous person, so just mind your own business you worthless piece of shit bitches, your just as trashy as that bitch Natalie, fuck yall! Anonymous person, speak your mind, fuck these hatas!

  • Ashley - 8 years ago

    2009-09-15 00:07:15 ET

    Sick....just absolutely sick. I was just up here reading the post to see what peoples thoughts were about the finale 3, not even going to leave a comment...however, that changed once I read your comment.

    'But since the show edited them so well and America is so in denial, you never got to see their true colors, which is so sad and I am so disgusted by the viewers of this show, I would never go on this show, my pride, experiences in life, and dignity could not be compromised for $500,000, just to please white america! '

    Why are you even commenting if you are 'too good' to be on this show...why are you even watching it??? Help me understand, please.
    I am pure disgusted by you.

    I would like to say way to go Kevin and Jordan...may the best player win!!!!!!!

  • Laura - 8 years ago are what is wrong with America..these last few posts were about be a backstabbing, nose picking, mean heartless Gnat that has annoyed everyone. And Yes I have the feed and saw it all as with alot who are posting comments. We believe that Jordan out of the 3 should win, yu like Kevin, that all in good. But for you to yell out "White America" you need a life and get outside. So youre comment "so don't be hypocritical" Take a dose of youre own medicine. I NEVER said I didn't like kevin, I choose Jordan over him not because of color, but because she did win POV and she did win part 2. Yes they ALL backstabbed, talked about everyone, I feel like out of those 3 I want her to win. You can pick who you like, but don't judge me for who I pick, asumming I did becasue of color. Who don't know any of these people herre and you're neg pittiful attemts to down us are VERY low. You can't even put your name down.....only snakes that want to blame others hide behind such childish crap. Peolple like you is what has made America what it is today...Hungry for power no matter what the outcome is to the others.

  • Anonymous - 8 years ago

    Yes, Jordan has been the nicest out of the final 3, but she's not so innocent either, she's lied too, and Jeff has backstabbed, so don't be hypocritical; if you had the feeds and heard some of things her and Jeff said to and about Michelle and Russell, you would be just as disgusted by them as you are about Kevin and Natalie. But since the show edited them so well and America is so in denial, you never got to see their true colors, which is so sad and I am so disgusted by the viewers of this show, I would never go on this show, my pride, experiences in life, and dignity could not be compromised for $500,000, just to please white america! Go Kevin! He's played the best game out the final 3 america, and you know it, don't cheat him like season 3 cheated Danielle.

  • Dixie - 8 years ago

    Voting for Jordan rather than Natalie or Kevin does not make you a bigot. Voting against Kevin or Natalie because of their race or sexual preferance makes you a bigot. Kevin floated as much as Jordan. The only real player left of the 2 is Natalie and I don't like her at all - not because of her race or her boyishness, not because of her lying but because of her blatent cruelty to other players... so I voted for Jordan, because out of the 2 floaters, I liked her best.

  • bbfanbigtime - 8 years ago

    some people are talking about Nat and Jordo being floters but not Kevin don't anyone remember everytime someone won HOH Kevin was right up there a** if anything i think Jordo should win cause she's the only one i've ever seen in BB history thats played an honest game i didn't think you could play an honest game until Jordon

  • charli - 8 years ago

    Everyone thinks Jordan is dumb maybe because she doesn't know how to tell time? Do you remember the quarter of an hour conversation? And Jordan didn't win HOH

  • Britnee - 8 years ago

    Ok. First off, i want Jordan to win. I dont like that everyonne thinks shes Stupid, shes not dumb. She won HOH, POV, and Now Part 2. So I dont think Natalie did beter. Natalie won 1 thing ALL Summer. And the only reason Natalie stayed so long was becuase noone saw her as a thret. Kevin did play the game. But i think Jordan has been through much more in the game, and deserves it more then Kevin. The only thing Kevin did, was get Jeff out. In my Oppionion, Jeff Should have won the game. He was hands down the best player. He got out the two biggest player, and i think he did the least two-faced things. The only bad he did, was turn on Russ. And he gave Russ a chance to explain, he didnt use it. So,


  • sonny - 8 years ago

    I agree with most comments that refer to the low life hg's on BB11. There was too much yelling, and confrontations, especially in the beginning. It got to the point where there was no words at all, just a bunch of bleeps for minutes on end. I think Russell and Chima were most guilty of this. But even so, egomaniac's like jessie and NataLIE were just as hard to swallow. And finally, under what rock did they find Ronnie? He made me want to take a bath and windex the tv screen, every time he had face time. He the type that give dorks a bad name. Who believed he was married? with a wife? what a joke. that was just one of his many lies. he was so worried to upset the bullies in the house, that he allied himself with jessie and russell, all because he was afraid of them. that is he only reason he didn't get rid of russell when he had the chance. Anyway, BB, get some PLAYA'S that rock for BB12.

  • Laura - 8 years ago

    I voted for Jordan to win, 1st she has been nice to everyone in the house, even when being called "fat, hoe". I would have liked to see Michelle and Jeff at final two, but that did'nt happen. So you roll with the punches. Voting for Gnat is just down right stupid. She has not played a fair or respectful game, I'm very tired of hearing her whine and complain about everyone doing Chima wrong, she's a big girl, she needs to but her big girl panties on and suck it up. The way she acted to her poor makes me sad to think what kind of life they gonna have. Kevin...hmmm, he does ride the coat tails, but here at the end he seems to be pulling his own. But he let the blood be on others. The jury all now know of Gnat being 24 and from what I can get out of it, they will not be voting for her. Her bulling has got to stop, if she wins this game, all I can say is "What has America come to!" Voting for a spoiled inmuture brat that has to have her way or "I'll tell on you." This season has very much disappointed me dearly. Not only has it been the most vulger language, and the most dirtist bunch yet, but to let the ones who actully played this game have been voted out. Out of these three you really only have one choice....Jordan. She is the one who really needs the money. Yes we could all use it, but she wants it for the right reasons. Gnat will just blow it on the cards....wake up people! Jordan has to win this season and hope the BB12 will scan the next bunch a little better and get decent people next go around. I think that if Gnat does some how win, I won't be watching next season. I'm a loyal BB watcher, but this whole season was a bust from the begining...sorry Laura and Jordan, no pun intended. America wants to watch happy things, we have enough to worry about without feuding brats making us upset. The rules this year should really be looked into and readjusted for next years show. Sorry for such a long post, just upset with all the neg posts here.

  • Dana - 8 years ago

    I don't think any of the F3 deserve to be there. But unfortunately, they made it, so all of them DO deserve props for that.

    That being said, OF the 3 remaining, the one who has PLAYED the best game (and not just scraped by not doing anything) is Kevin. If he'd played all game the way he has these past weeks, he'd be the best player of the season. But perhaps laying low until he needed to work worked best for him.

    I like Jordan personally better than any of the other F3 but she in no way deserves to win, let alone to go to F2. I dislike Natalie as a person, but she HAS done lots of manipulating in the game to get her to the point she's at.

    That being said, Kevin has PLAYED the best game, then Natalie, then Jordan. However, my personal opinion is that Natalie shouldn't be taken to F2 as she's a horrible person. Let Kevin take all the money and Jordan can have her small share.

    Remember, this is a GAME to be PLAYED and won by the most strategic minds. Lying and backstabbing ARE a prerequisite. Anyone who faults players for doing so shouldn't be watching the show.

  • D - 8 years ago

    "The lesser of three evils".....Jordan. True Jordan didn't win much, but I'd like to see "nice" rewarded. I'd like to see good over evil prevail. I know I live in a fantasy world but it is satisfying to see the "good guy" come out on top.
    Kevin was a good player....he got personal, didn't just "play the game".

  • Colain - 8 years ago

    This comment section is fun to read, until folks start name calling and making it all so personal, just like many of the immature house guests.

    "dumb Jordon" is so unfair and mean.

    Can hardly wait for Tuesday's show.

  • sonny - 8 years ago

    How can anyone vote for any of the final three, based on how well they played the competitions? All 3 were awful. I think Jordan gets my vote, as she was the nicest person in the house. I think she has the best upbringing, and the half mil will help get tthe family out of appalachia. :-)

  • anonymous - 8 years ago

    a lot you guys must only watch the edited show...jordan was nice to people's faces, but her & jeff talked shit about everyone in private, they were especially critical of michele, really hateful stuff too.

  • anonymous - 8 years ago

    How can anyone that doesn't know how to spell Michele or Natalie talk about how dumb Jordon is?

  • Acheron - 8 years ago

    That's bull shit, voting for Jordan just because she is dumb. Kevin needs to win, he got Jeff out, created the LML and won hoh and pov not like Jordan. She is clueless and dumb, what had she done for the game other than talkin shit about Russell so Jeff can get him out and we all know where that ended. Jeff getting a kicked in the ass. If she is such a sweet girl why did was she talking shit about Michael, when michael was loyal to her and Jeff.
    I want Jordan to win if she goes to the final two with Nathalie but I don't think
    she should win if she is against Kevin!

  • Anonymous - 8 years ago

    Colain, Kevin would have beat Russell and Jeff in the can competiton, if Russell didn't stop his cans, he was in the lead the whole time, during that veto competition he was right there with Jeff the whole way, idk, I just personally feel like a lot of you are voting for personal reasons, and your cheating someone out of $500,000 who actually played the game without relying on someone to get them there, if Jordan wins, this will be like Danielle and whatever that other girls name was from season 3 all over again, Danielle lost out because she played a good game, and the jury cheated her because she hurt their feelings. Omg, seriously America!

  • linner - 8 years ago

    Michelle was the best player hands down. Kevin has stepped up his game now, but floated like Natalie and Jordan. Jordan is as deserving as Kevin and wins are about even. Jordan wilts under pressure. Just turns to dust. Lets hope her final hooray is like her last one, and hope Keven or GNAT will take her to the final.

  • Vanessa - 8 years ago

    I voted for Jordon because she never really talked bad about anyone for no reason.

    I would have voted for either Russell or Michelle if they had been around. Russell was mean, but he REALLY played the game without being too two-faced. Michelle was a good competitor and it's why she's not there anymore.

  • Lucky - 8 years ago

    Jordon isn't as dumb as everyone thinks. Does everyone think she's dumb because she's a blonde or because she talks with a southern accent?? Jordon was the one who said Natalie was lying when she initally made up a lie instead of being truthful about her proposal and Jordon was the one who questioned Jeff about trusting Natalie. She won a few challenges, she partnered up with a good HG and didn't make enemies. Linda, I think she may get Russell's vote because he was aligned with her at one time and I don't think Kevin was ever aligned with Russell. K, why is everyone a bigot because they like Jordon? I like Kevin but he didn't play any better than Jordon, I don't think.

    Go Jordo!! Make us blondes proud!

  • Linda - 8 years ago

    I want Jordan to win all the way. How can you put Jeff down for what he done and then praise Kevin When actually Kevin was just as bad as Jeff, if not worse. My vote for favorite (America's Choice) was Jeff. He made the biggest plays. I want Jordan to go to the final two and hopefully win. At least Jordan tried every competition and didn't throw them like Kevin and Natlie did.
    I feel if Jordan makes it to the final two she would definitely have Jeff, Michele, and America's vote, she would just need one more!


  • KP - 8 years ago

    hey watch it...Jordan has won head of household, veto and now phase two of the HOH. Kevin has won the same. You say Jeff gave the HOH to Jordan ?? Well there is the fact that Kevin also had an advantage with his veto win (the technical issues ????) Kevin has played a good game but Jordan is coming on when needed. And lets just don't even talk about NATalie !!!!!
    GO JORDAN....

  • Colain - 8 years ago

    I love Jordan, I like Kevin, I despise Natalie...... If forced to choose a winner I would give it to Jordan. If Michelle was in there yet, I would like to see her win, and Jordon second.
    Michelle, definatley deserved it of the last four.

    Good Luck Jordan!

  • Colian - 8 years ago

    "game play from Kevin", please... Kevin has only won against GIRLS!!!!

  • lame - 8 years ago

    It's sad that so many people would reward pretty ignorance by voting for jordan instead of rewarding the people that played the game.

  • k - 8 years ago

    what a bunch of bigots voting for Jordan, no way she deserves to win this. Kevin is the only player left, he has won several comps and played a great game, the other two have floated along on the backs of others.

  • Michele - 8 years ago

    I voted for Kevin vs Jordan or Natalie... and Jordan if she's up against Natalie. They were all floaters, but at least I see some game play from Kevin. He doesn't look for the easy win. I just hope Natalie doesn't go F/2. I also split my votes for fave hg btwn Michele and Russell. They were done wrong by Jeff and he doesn't deserve anything. His only good move was the Coup d'etat, and that was given to him b/c America thinks he is cute and he had the little love fest with Jordan. Best game play was definitely Michele and Russ... Jeff knew it and sided with the morons of the house screwing over his alliance.

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