Hi, My name is Ash Patel. My good friend Brad and I, are writing a book and would appreciate your feedback...please vote for your favorite book title from the 5 options on the left. Thanks in advance!

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Which one do you think is the Best Title for a Book that helps Insurance Brokers to use Social Media in their business?

Posted 8 years.


  • Bill - 8 years ago

    Game Over It is a punchy title that will attract the readers to explore further.

  • jerry - 8 years ago

    yes, the social media book title sounds much more to the point and professional.

  • Chetan - 8 years ago

    Instant attention, catchy title for all massed

  • Digant Shah - 8 years ago

    Voted for Social media for insurance brokers

  • chris - 8 years ago

    Social media for insurance brokers

  • Rupesh - 8 years ago

    I have voted for SOCIAL MEDIA FOR INSURANCE BROKERS! as it clearly tells about the subject.

  • Tejas - 8 years ago


    I believe anything which can be measured in one or other form always attracts people e.g. Learn French in 30 days. So, I think it is important to bring the attention first. Once there is curiosity, people will automatically start reading subtitle and other matter.

  • Paresh - 8 years ago

    GAME OVER - Creates an instant interest in persons mind. Common rule of advertising - The name of the product has to deliver a punch and arouse interest. Good luck.

  • Tapan - 8 years ago


    The subject title is matching with the users object.

  • Pamela Hilliard Owens - 8 years ago

    Although the book is targeted towards insurance brokers, it could contain valuable and relevant information for all business professionals!

  • Craig Dewe - 8 years ago

    Voted "Social Media For Insurance Brokers:- > The ultimate step by step blueprint to build your credibility, establish expertise and increase revenues in 60 days or less...guaranteed!"

    Because it clearly speaks to mortgage brokers and gets their attention. It then gives a clear offer of what results they'll get from the book. Top job!

    Good luck with the project,


    P.S. I hope other "Social Media for..." titles are planned if this one works ;)

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